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Juniores Under 19 women, 6 recovery, return: Parma-Bologna "A" 0-1

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Vicofertile, 29 March 2019 - At the 6 ^ Day of Return of the Junior Under-19 Women's Championship, the unbeaten end of Vicofertile's “fort” ends: Parma, in fact, in the postponement of Thursday 28 Marzo is beaten by Bologna (0-) 1). The felsinee, the true Achilles heel of Mister Dellapina's team, start very strong: at 2 'Ravanetti misses a comfortable support with his feet and must then overcome himself to reject Zanetti's conclusion.

But already at the 6 'Bologna passes with Schipa who, headed by Pallotta's free-kick from the right, jumps undisturbed and puts in the corner (0-1). The gialloblù suffer the physicality and the aggressiveness of the guests who play very short preventing them from dribbling as they usually do. At the 10 'miracle of Ravanetti who denies doubling to Pallotta. Failing to build the Crusades they at least try to take advantage of the very high rossoblu defensive line, verticalizing for the insertions of Marseglia and Tommasini: at 12 ', in fact, Terzoni fishes Marseglia, good at dictating the passage in depth, but then, to you for you with Benassi, you hypnotize ...

It is still a verticalization, this time of Naummi, at 30 'to find Tommasini who kicks well just inside the area, but this time it is the post that says no! At the 42 'the new entry Bugamelli serves Pallotta, but once again Ravanetti is good. At the end of the first half a free-kick by Marseglia is deflected for a corner by an always attentive Benassi: on the developments of the corner a clear foul by Zanetti on Terzoni is not sanctioned by Signora Cordenons and, having good reason to complain, Parma returns to the locker room on 0-1.

The second stage opens along the lines of the first with Bologna, which starts immediately very aggressive and tries with Passariello, Bugamelli and Schipa in the first 10 minutes. Mister Roberto Dellapina tries to give the shock by inserting an offensive player like Carlotta Vasirani for Giulia Soncini, going on to defend to three and some effect, albeit without much order, arrives and Parma manages to raise the center of gravity in search of a draw: the more dangerous is Cecilia Aiolfi (18 ′ st and 37 ′ st) but Benassi is always ready. The last few minutes are played in the rossoblu half court that defends itself with order, leaving very few spaces, and Parma becomes dangerous with attempts from outside of Cataldi and Vasirani.

The Bologna confirms itself as a really tough team for Parma: although, probably, due to the chances in the first half, a draw would have been the fairest result, Mr. Dellapina's girls must, in any case, try to take a step forward especially when they face opponents who make aggression and intensity their best weapons. If on a technical level the two teams are the same, the difference in favor of the guests has made it precisely those characteristics ...

This at the end of the meeting is the comment by Mister Roberto Dellapina, interviewed by Gabriele Majo, responsible for the press office and communication of the Youth Sector and the Women's Squad of Parma Calcio 1913:

gabriele majo roberto dellapina 28 03 2019 parma bologna under 19 “Today we started a little braking and their goals came in the first 6 ′ on an inactive ball, with us stopping that we let jump the undisturbed opponent. Then we tried to start again but in front of us we had a very very grumpy team, really difficult to meet because on every ball they get you dirty, you have them on you, they growl. Today we needed a lot of leg and a lot of heart: in the first part we were a little braked, in the second we were also a bit taken up, but these are not the races that I like, honestly: I like to see playing soccer and today he has played little with soccer, with a long ball and pedaling; even the same Bologna because if in the end we go to see their only proposal was to launch these offensive girls who have very very fast, but compared to the attempts were also quite harmless, after all. Even today a stake and a penalty not given? Well, my direct impression was that with the door in front of you, ready to kick, you don't let yourself fall like a fish, but probably the referee didn't see well, sure that when I heard his whistle I thought it was for the rigor and not for the end of time, but we are not hunting for alibis, for us today the important thing was to make a different performance than the one that had been there in Bologna; from a certain point of view we succeeded because the difference, after all, was minimal, but to win the races you have to create more and propose more football, and in my opinion today little has been proposed ... "

Marker: 6 'Schipa

PARMA - Ravanetti; Robuschi, Soncini (8 'st Vasirani); Naummi (23 'st Bussolati), Scaffardi, Cataldi; Aiolfi, Terzoni, Tommasini, Ceci (Cap.), Marseglia (13 'st Zolesi). Dellapina All
Available: 14. Campanini, 15. Celiberti, 16. Sartori, 17. Tolentino

BOLOGNA - Benassi; Giuliano, Sciarrone (41 'pt Bugamelli); Rondelli, Pacella (Cap.), Houssiane; Pallotta (6'st Rambaldi), Prinzivalli, Schipa, Zanetti (5'st Stagni), Passariello (27 'st Berselli). Herds Tavalazzi

Referee: Mr. Vania Cordenons of Parma

Ammonita: Scaffardi

Recovery: 2 '+ 2'

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