Monday, August 19 2019
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The Spring of ChievoVerona Valpo falls head-on against the Tavagnacco leaders

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Great regret for the Spring of ChievoVeroona Valpo that yesterday, in front of its public, fell head to head very high in front of the leader Tavagnacco. At the yellow of Mister Veronica Brutti the merit of having reversed the partial in the second half, before suffering in turn the comeback of the collective group leader. An 2-3 that burns, but at the same time gives back comforting sensations to the whole clivense environment.

The analysis of the diesse Daniele Signori does justice to what happened at the Stadio Olivieri: "At the end of ninety minutes there was so much disappointment inside the locker room, as the girls had played a good second half against the first class - explains the Technical Manager - was a match from the two sides: in the first fraction better Tavagnacco, with us that especially in the first minutes we struggled to get into the game, while in the second half the team returned with the right attitude, changing the inertia of the 'meeting.

We managed to overturn the result deservedly with two good goals, then the penalty in the middle of the second fraction addressed the contest to the draw, but unfortunately, despite two of our great chances, in the end to punish us was a punishment a few seconds from the whistle the final". Despite the defeat, for the Scaliger leadership the seasonal glass remains half full. "I'm sorry because taking a goal in the end is always a disappointment - concludes Signori - but there is awareness that the girls are doing well with a growth path that we started in August and that as a company we are proposed to complete. Now there are two matches left to try to end the championship in third place, qualifying for the national quarter-finals ».

ChievoVerona Valpo - UPC Tavagnacco: 2-3 (0-1)
Networks: 6 'Zhou (T), 50' Rizzioli (C), 63 'Micheli (C), 76'rig and 91' Rooster (T)

ChievoVerona Valpo: Raicu, Maffei, Tunoaia, Rizzioli, Zanardo, Zappa, Olivini, Cigolini, Micheli, Zoppi, Bonenti
Available: Sesti, Bertini, Spanó, Volpato, Piccirillo, Marchiori

UPC Tavagnacco: Fontana, Milan, Gallo, Pozzecco, Molinaro, Stella, Roder, Zhou, Iacuzzi, Grosso, Miotto
Available: Variola, Zuliani, Miani, Di Blas, Costan, Blasutto, Tic

Press and Communication Office
ChievoVerona Valpo SSD

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