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The Cesena Cesena focuses on young people

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While the first team for weeks continues to sweat to prepare for the best debut in the Italian Cup on Sunday 23 September in Arezzo, the whole movement of the youth sector of Cesena FC Female is no less and all the teams are already active in the field to now 3 weeks.

The protagonists and landlords will be the girls, who will cement themselves in challenges of all kinds on the ground of the former Stadium in Via Galvani in Savignano, at the Martorano Sports Center and Villa Silvia.

The will of the new CESENA FC is of its President Augusto PATRIGNANI, of the General Manager Daniele MARTINI, of the Managers of the Feminine sector Massimo MAGNANI, Manuela VINCENZI is to renew and strengthen a beautiful and welcoming project. Transpare the passion for a cooperative and aggregating sport, involving and respectful of the rules and the different skills and abilities
On the field waiting for them have found the Mister of the Spring Elvio SANNA, for the agonistic activity Marco Puntiroli, for the basic activity Alfredo Pietrafesa, Eleonora Petralia, Enrico Ronchi, Francesca Farnedi assisted by athletic trainers and motor coordination instructors.

Elvio Sanna in addition to coordinating the entire Juventus women's movement has the task of re-founding the young team Primavera, for the most part 2003 / 2004 regardless of the result, given that the girls will go to grapple throughout Italy with teams already tested companies like Udinese Juve Milan etc .. and with bigger players of 2 and 3 years.

The first release of the Primavera Cesenate took place last week against the well-established Jesina, the girls have held very well the field, where they have seen discrete things with beautiful individuality, lifeblood to prepare the players of tomorrow ready to debut in first team.

The aim of the Cesenate company is to take care of the girls of Romagna and of the neighboring territory, especially of the brands, in this case a collaboration with Raffa Manieri Academy of Santa Maria dell'Arzilla in the province of Pesaro Urbino of the President Gianni MANIERI for years specialized in the formation of young footballers from which Raffaella MANIERI emerged current Captain of Milan and former Bayer Monaco with whom he won the European Cup and with several years of experience on the Serie A fields also with the shirt of the Scuri jersey Torres. -

Cesena 21 September 2018

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