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ASD ROME female soccer

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President: asdromacf@libero.it
Communication: m.quintarelli@romacalciofemminile.it
Marketing: m.emili@romacalciofemminile.it
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La Roma Women's football is born in the distant 1965: from 1 July 1971 is affiliated to the Football Federation. However, there are traces of the Giallorossi team even before its official foundation. There were even attempts to take off and there were even 1930. 7 February 1959 the accountant Smedile who led the Italian Football Association (founded by Baroness Angela Altini of Torralbo) wants to found a female team in the capital with the collaboration of Caligiuri (Chronology of the great Rome, Francesco Valitutti - Massimo Izzi, Newton & Compton editors) but it needs economic aid. The then president of AS Roma men Anacleto Gianni provided jerseys, suits, shoes and free use of the field. Thus was born the Rome to the feminine. The 7 February 1959 was disputed on the neutral field of Messina a Rome-Naples that was unfortunately ruined by a fight.

In the years to follow, there is no longer any trace of the feminine Rome until its truefoundation, which takes place in 1965 by Professor Mira Rosa Bellei in Ostia Lido.
Female Roma wins one Scudetto in the 1969 it's a Italian Cup in the 1971.

Female Roma works with particular commitment in the youth sector, participating nationally with the SPRING (under 20), who graduated CHAMPION OF ITALYin the 2009 / 2010 season and at the provincial or national championship Giovanissime, Esordienti and Pulcini.

Female Roma is referred to as one of the best women's soccer clubs for her Soccer school (responsible for M.Iole Volpi) that every year gives the senior team (as well as other teams around Italy) excellent players.

Within the Football School is activethe Accademia Dei Portieri led by Valentina Casaroli: Rome is probably one of the few Italian companies to have established it.

They are relatively recent history the success of the football school with the conquest, in the 2009 / 2010, the only trophy that still lacked in the bulletin board: Youth Regional Champion, title confirmed in the 2010 / 2011 season.

Not to mention the smaller ones that, in the 2010 / 2011 season, win all the races of the mixed championship in which they participate.
From July 2012, the ROMA ROMA is presided over by Marco Palagiano, who gives a further impulse
to the growth of the Club. In the same year, in fact, the Women's ROME won: the LAZIO Cup
with the first team, the Regional Championship with the Giovanissime and the National Title with the
Rosa Primavera / Juniores, confirming itself as a true protagonist in the panorama of Women's Football
With Palagiano, the teams also double, not just soccer at 11, but football at 5 (included in the football school).
In collaboration with Total Sport it also opens the Football Academy for the disabled: the Insuperabili

Specific details

Teams First team, Primavera, Giovanissime, Esordienti, Calcio5, Serie C
1 Workouts Team Tuesday Thursday Friday
football school Spring, Teen, Beginners, Little Friends
Spring ---
Giovanissime ---
Debutant ---
Training Hours: 19:00
Matches Field: Football at 11 at Danilo Vittiglio (ProRoma) via Verrio Flacco 41 (off Prenestre) Football at 5 at Giovanni Castello, via Alessandro Severo 209 (San Paolo / Eur area)
Training camp: Football at 11 at Danilo Vittiglio (ProRoma) via Verrio Flacco 41 (off Prenestre) Football at 5 at Giovanni Castello, via Alessandro Severo 209 (San Paolo / Eur area)



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