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Milan, 8 July 2016 - A year after the first meeting, the association of new members becomes stronger, the projects are expanding and the ambitions grow: the substance changed, so the form changes, with the closing of the chapter SSD Female Ausonia and the birth of the new SSD Minerva Milan.

Guest again for the next sports season at the sports Center US DINS - located in Via Treviglio 6 (MI), the SSD Minerva Milano proposes not only to carry on the already tested sports activities but also to activate new ones, with the aim of expanding and improving the sports offer and the social commitment on the Milanese territory. Specifically, the 2016 / 17 sports season will see the SSD Minerva Milano engaged in the following activities:

- LND Female C Series and Women's Youth Sector With 30 millions of players all over the world, women's football is an ever-growing sport, whose beneficial effects can be found both in the social dimension, as it allows a diverse group of people to get in touch, get to know each other and build a solid community on the basis of friendship, trust and respect for shared rules, both on a personal level, since it allows to improve the image of oneself (both from a physical and mental point of view) and increase personal security, essential aspects for building a player on the field and a woman in everyday life.

- Tukiki Project From October 2015 in May, 2016 successfully organized the "TUKIKI: let's kick football with disability" initiative, a project created with the aim of creating a football team for cognitive disabled people of all ages. The belief that sport is an instrument of integration and fun, able to destroy the culturally imposed physical and social barriers, has led the Tukiki Project to be awarded, in January this year, the "Il Campione" award, an acknowledgment born from an idea by Mario Furlan (founder of the City Angels) and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region, for those who improve their professional or social environment and represent a positive example for public opinion.

- Women Goalkeeper Academy From the meeting with Alessandro Cartago, former professional goalie, licensed UEFA B and enrolled in Apport (official goalkeeper school), the first school dedicated to the key female figure of the goalkeeper is born, a precious opportunity to assimilate methodologies, experiences and skills of a professional, and thus offer a real development opportunity for women's football.
With the desire and the will to carry out the best initiatives and projects, the SSD Minerva Milano invites girls and sponsors to know and experience in first person the opportunities for shared growth that promises the next sporting season.
We would like to thank for the support offered in the 2015 / 16 SS: Avis Comunale of Milan, Csi Comitato Di Milano, Outlet Esemplareunico, Itv Movie, Carbortermo, Bouty, TS.LAB, Hemma Trioska.
For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specific details

Teams Very young, Serie C
1 Workouts Team Wednesday, Friday
football school ---
Spring ---
Giovanissime Wednesday, Friday
Debutant ---
Training Hours: Very young: 19-20.30 C Series: 20.30-22.30
Matches Field: CS Dindelli, Via Treviglio 6
Training camp: CS Dindelli, Via Treviglio 6



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