Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Legal assistance for athletes

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legal assistance athletes
The professional offers the players and coaches a series of legal consultancy and assistance in relation to the main areas including:



Judicial and extrajudicial assistance for compensation for damage resulting from an accident suffered in the performance of sports;

  • Work, Marketing and Sponsorships

Assistance in case of stipulation of image, agency and sponsorship contracts and / or advertising

  • Judicial defense
  1. Defense in judicial procedures before national / regional federal sport justice bodies, as well as in the case of any summons / appeals / claims pending before ordinary courts of athletes, upon request of the clubs to which they belong;
  2. Legal assistance before the Federal Supreme Court Section Memberships;
  3. Judicial assistance for the recovery of credit before the Commission for LND Economic Agreements and / or the LND Arbitration Board in case of non-payment of the economic agreement;
  4. Judicial assistance in case of disqualification and / or suspension.

Taking into account the above mentioned subjects, we propose a constant and periodic free legal advice h24 in case of clarifications, doubts or information regarding the topics of daily interest of the companies and members, which can also be provided by telephone by the lawyer.

In the case of judicial assistance, the lawyer, taking into account the agreement, will carry out its activities by recognizing the companies and / or members of the sums that are clearly lower than the thresholds and parameters normally applied.

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