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The president Andrea Budroni introduces himself and talks about his sporting and social objectives

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Special appointment this week for our #atupertu: spoke to our microphones the president Andrea Budroni, principal figure of the Torres Femminile that has been told to 360 ° between past, present and future.
President, well found. Let's start from the beginning and due presentations: who is Andrea Budroni?

"I was born as a basketball player in Sant'Orsola, it was my first sport, which I still love, the coach was Gianni Mozzo. I played basketball for almost 8 years, probably because of my height they thought I was more suited to basketball than to football; however, I also tried to play football, but due to a muscle injury I decided to quit soon enough. Afterwards I decided to do the referee course, I was just an adult: it was my luck because for 10 years I managed to build a good career initially also burning the stages. I remember that in the 3 years I was able to quickly climb the category from the youth sector until the promotion, and then finish in the maximum Sardinian championship my short career. In the AIA I found a family and this path has represented me so much, I still have many memories including that of Carlo Usai, president of the time and CRA (regional technical body). I decided to stop because I could not reach the Serie D, but I started another adventure in the MSP in the role of vice president of the provincial section of Sassari. From the 2005-2006 season up to the 2013 I moved away from sport to devote myself more to my private life. Five years ago the return in an important way in the world of football: the first breakthrough came with the male Torres in the role of manager, role that I held because the then vice president, a dear friend of mine, wanted me with him for this new adventure. It was a year and a half very troubled, but with an important satisfaction: thanks to the great work of 3 months carried out by the group of managers Sassari, we managed to get the repechage in the first Lega Pro desired by the FIGC. After that experience I thought I had stopped with football (it gives you so much satisfaction but if it is not anchored to three fundamental factors - passion, honesty and resources - you can not live it in a serene way), even if to be honest I thought I had abandoned it definitely up to 2016. "

The question arises: what were the dynamics that convinced you to take the Torres Female?
"The new company was formed by a group of friends in the period between February and April of the 2016. They asked me to re-establish the Torres Torres together with them and they proposed to ferry her for a period of transition; the idea was to re-establish that glorious society that had given prestige and victories to the city of Sassari from the years 90 up to 2013. The project planned to put the company back on a futuristic path still to be defined. With time only Francesco Muggianu remained, our current DS and irreplaceable right arm of our society. Francesco is the manager who first supported me and continues to do so with the same dedication and with the inevitable principles that accompany this society, namely honesty and passion; Francesco is the soul of Torres, it is the glue that if lacked it would not allow the Torres Torres to exist. Together with him we have lived and continue to live years of sacrifice, suffering and some satisfaction.
The first year was a lot in the plains, we suffered the failure of the non-repechage in B but we rolled up our sleeves and we won the series on the pitch. We have contributed decisively to reform the Regional C Series by winning it with full merit; we have also contributed to the refoundation of the regional representative as we have granted the federation at least 11 players to play the Tournament of the Regions. Also, the same year (2016-2017 season), we also won the regional Italian Cup.
Last year, in our second season, we played the national Serie B with a thousand doubts of an organizational and logistic nature; however we managed to do everything we had to do organizing the trips to the best and satisfying the coach and all the needs of the team, we were impeccable. It was not easy because for many of us it was the first time, but we managed to take all the necessary steps to do things to the best of our ability. In all this I was lucky enough to meet a great person who is Tore Arca, a mister and a person whom I was able to appreciate from the point of view of education, gentility and true friendship, a great professional and a great mister who deserves to train only in Serie A and only top teams. "

So the current season falls in the third year of management Andrea Budroni, third year that sees us protagonists in Group C of the new Inter-regional Series C.
"After last year's experience we know that this championship would be just as complicated and full of pitfalls. This is why we will return to the market in December and we have been working for a month and a half to strengthen the team. We are ready to intervene heavily: we have a shortage in midfield, partially filled with the grafts of Iannetti and Lombardo, which forces us not to have the dynamism and concreteness necessary, so we will have to intervene in a targeted manner in that department. We also need a bit of weight because we have to give the mister value alternatives. We are aiming to do an important reinforcement campaign.
I would like to stress that the company does not reject any and I take all the responsibilities of the market done in the summer. Those who go on the pitch have all my esteem and my support, we give all the support possible to the girls who are trying to do their best right now. The company is happy with the work of the current rose, but new forces are needed to allow the coach to have new solutions: from early December there will be no more excuses and there will be more competition and competitiveness, the new grafts will give something more at the numerical level and in terms of quality. All will play the place and Mr. Desole will have more choice and will have the opportunity to work with a larger group in order to choose the best possible training match after game. We want our coach not to go into trouble and to have a choice between injuries, disqualifications and drops in form that, inevitably, there will be during the championship. In addition, from this market - and therefore with the wide range - we will start seriously planning the next two years. "

From Tore Arca to Mario Desole: the choice of the coach as it was born and how did it develop?
"With Mario Desole we met in the first days of October. The choice was dictated by a series of important evaluations that we have done during the work: it gives us guarantees from the point of view of national experience and above all on women's football because the curriculum speaks for itself. He is a coach who has experience and who gives us ample guarantees in many ways, we have chosen him and if we could go back we would make the same choice. We have so much confidence in its work and we appreciate it on a human and personal level, we are discovering important qualities that are part of the fundamental principles of our society. Today the present is Mario Desole, at this moment I am honored to have him as a coach and day after day I am discovering and appreciating the technical and human skills; with him we hope to go up the slope and plan the future in a certain way. I want to thank him for accepting a closed box and for trusting us, at the same time it is right to support him and give rise to what I promised him and I want to put him in the ideal conditions to allow him to work better in the coming years. He, I hope, is the mister of the future. "

Progetto Torres: where does Andrea Budroni's ambition come from?
"My ambition is to create a solid company with important programming. Despite the results of the present we are confident and ambitious, we want to try to build an important future with and for our girls and we hope to start getting the desired results already this year. Our intention is to create an efficient company: if you do not have a prepared and professional secretariat available, an important youth sector, a small property structure and an organized venue you can not think big. Fortunately we have a very important sports secretary that refers to Rita Marras, an important and large youth sector with a mister like Antonello Campus - and the relative staff - whom I respect very much, together with a great manager like Claudia Carta that we are discovering day after day with enormous satisfaction. We are also very pleased to have implemented the communication and marketing staff - which refers to Luca Prota, another fundamental figure of our society thanks to his support and his immense availability - with the support of Stefano Migheli. I also do not forget Gavino Carta, a decisive figure to support the whole structure of the various activities that are carried out daily at our facilities. The Torres Femminile, therefore, is not only composed of the president, the coach, the director and the girls: there are hours and work by everyone to give an important showcase to the teams, the company and the sponsors. As for the future, my priorities for the re-foundation of the Women's Torres concern the Youth sector, the social sector and the first team: it must have that Sardinian impression we are trying to build day by day with the youth sector, but also with the inclusion in the first team of the best Sardinian athletes.
In conclusion, we are also thinking of a reception facility for the nursery and for off-site girls, a structure that could be used for the Academy and for the first team. "

Regarding the youth sector, for some years the Torres Femminile boasts an important Academy that is allowing the growth of the rossoblù nursery.
"The Academy is born in 2016 and it is an ever-expanding youth sector. It has grown a lot from the first year until today, not only in numerical terms but also qualitatively: we do 3 championships and I am very happy with how it is developing year after year. The coach is very valid, he believes a lot in the project and is part of the category of passionals: it puts passion, honesty and loyalty, characteristics that are well suited to our cause. I am very happy with how things are going because we have created an excellent movement and we avail ourselves of the help of an important staff: we have a very good goalkeeper trainer that is Giovanni Casali and we thank Uno Lab that allows us to have it available. We have a figure for the management of the youth sector that is Claudia Carta, a manager who is really a lot of stuff and who is proving to be a manager with a capital D. "

Future projects and Torres in the social field: the company also operates off the field with enormous success.
"For years, the female Torres is engaged in social with various campaigns, primarily for the fight against bullying. We proposed it last year through the thread #InFuorigioco and we will propose it again this year with the help of all the agencies that can lend a helping hand. We want to help those who work for the zeroing of this social phenomenon and we want to raise awareness of those who have been victims to react, it is therefore important to recognize, bring out the problem, talk about and with the bullies that among themselves can also be people who suffer. Among the upcoming commitments already scheduled: we will visit, as usual since I took the reins of the company, Pediatric Clinics, directed by Dr. Antonucci I thank now with the head nurse Dr. Zara.
Last year one of the biggest hits was the day "I send the SLA #InFuorigioco": a path organized by Torres Femminile in the people of Luca Prota and Leonarda Sechi with the help of Fedales' 78 of Bono. After a morning dedicated to the scientific aspects, a friendly afternoon that involved me, all the staff, friends, and people like Vittorio Pusceddu, Marco Bazzoni and Luca Rusani has closed our mission with a proceeds, important in the figures, entirely devolved at the SLA Dream Team of Paolo Palumbo, the youngest patient of ALS in Italy. An exciting day that we are proud of and that we will absolutely try to repeat.
In addition to the ideas already mentioned above, we will certainly want to strengthen the youth sector by creating an even more important structure and monitoring local girls to bring them to us before the age limit.
In conclusion I would like my company to be the amplifier of important messages that go beyond football: this sport is the key to open many minds and hearts, we would like to be the portraits of the important social messages we are talking about through football, our girls and our society. We want to be the ambassadors of the problems and the crutch to the resolutions of the problems existing within the social fabric of the city of Sassari. "

Stefano Migheli -

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