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In December the second edition of the social initiative promoted by the rossoblù society will start.
ASDFC Sassari Torres Femminile, as recently supported in an interview by the President Andrea Budroni, continues with its social commitment, the first pillar of the #conLaTorresNelCuore project.

"For years, the female Torres is engaged in social with various campaigns, primarily for the fight against bullying. We proposed it last year through the thread #InFuorigioco and we will propose it again this year with all the agencies that can lend a helping hand. We want to eradicate this social phenomenon and we want to sensitize those who have been victims to react, it is therefore important to recognize, bring out the problem, talk about and with the bullies that among other things can also be themselves of the people who suffer. "

Since last December, throughout the sporting season, over 1.000 girls and boys have been met between meetings in schools and the presence in the island and continental football fields to raise awareness against this modern phenomenon; a number that you want to double by expanding the calendar appointments to ONLUS and Associations already identified in the area.

The rossoblù company also expresses its pride, even more today, after having learned of the initiative of the association "Pugno vs. Pugno" in collaboration with Napoli Femminile that recalls our commitment with the claim "Here the bullying is offside" . A satisfaction for the entire Communication & Marketing department that has obviously been the forerunner of this kind of activity.

The hope is that, after us, and now of the Napoli Femminile, all the companies of A, B, and C can take the same kind of path, because "Unity is strength" is not just a popular saying but the basis for a solid change in this society.

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