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Vicenza, Pomi deceives the Brixen comeback and wins 3 - 1

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After three consecutive victories stops the positive streak of the First Team, defeat 3-1 away against the Brixen.
Vicenza starts well and at 13 'is already ahead thanks to Pomi, able to solve in the penalty area. The game remains open and in the recovery of the first half Kerschdorfer equalizes the accounts. In the second half, however, the Biancorosse fell and their opponents took advantage of a goal by Kiem from distance and Bielak.

For the commitments of last week's Regional Representatives, Brixen and Vicenza face each other in an unprecedented Easter Eve.

Right away host at 3 ': Kerschdorfer crosses from the left, the ball on the edge for Stockner who controls, turns and ends centrally.

At the 4 'Kiem changes game on the right for Maloku, the stop is not the best and the ball in the area gets a little too long, try to pass Dalla Via with a lob but the attempt ends just above the crossbar.

Vicenza forward to the 5 ': Fortuna sees and rewards the inclusion of Missiaggia on the left wing, a low ball at the center for Pomi that arrives in tow a moment late and fails to push into the net.

The Biancorossa striker, however, a few minutes later is forgiven and signs the goal of the advantage: always the same players at work, Fortuna goes well on the right and in the area he leans on the first post for Missiaggia which does not hit well, but Pomi arrives immediately. which reiterates on the net and makes 0-1.

Still Pomi dangerous to the 17 ': he gets his back to the goal at the left top of the area, he turns and shoots in the middle lob grazing the intersection of the second post with very little.

Great chance for the Brixen at the 22 ': Stockner launches deep into Kerschdorfer who takes the Vicenza defense off guard, does not corner the conclusion and finds a great response from Dalla Via who rejects the ball from a few steps.

Still dangerous red and white at the 27 ': Maddalena's free-kick a few meters after the midfield line, a cross for Missiaggia that set back to the left and heads away, Kosta goes out and blocks.

At the 33 'Bielak goes away on the right, back into the area and from the back line serves in the middle Stockner who does not hit well and sends the ball high.

The result seems to be able to hold up until the break but in full recovery the Brixen draws the score: this time it is Stockner who slips into a handkerchief of land and from the bottom he leans on the second pole for Kerschdorfer who, undisturbed, stretches and pushes into the net .

Then go to rest on the 1-1.

With the mockery of goals conceded just a few seconds after the whistle, the Biancorosse try to react and at the start of the second half touch again the advantage: Missiaggia recovers a ball bounced a few meters outside the penalty area, sombrero to an opponent with the right and conclusion to the flight with the left that goes out of little over the crossbar.

Shortly afterwards, however, the Red and White troops fall, the Brixen takes courage and begins to attack more insistently.

At the 58 'Stockner dangerous on the right and puts in the middle, a ball rebounded by a Biancorossa and collected by Bielak in the area that kicks just wide.

Two other occasions for the landlords but the conclusions do not bother Della Via.

The Vicenza no longer bites in front and at the 68 'it passes the overtaking: Kiem from the trocar field receives a wandering ball and kicks directly into the goal surprising everyone with the conclusion that it goes directly under the crossing of the poles. 2-1.

On the wings of enthusiasm, the landlords once again counter-attack the Biancorossa defense with Bielak: progression to the edge of the area and precise right into the net that gives no chance to Dalla Via. At 78 'is 3-1.

In the final, Vicenza tries to reopen the game with Broccoli who at the 81 'receives centrally from the left, he takes the ball to the right but from the edge he kicks the middle and Kosta blocks.

Shortly after, the American on the rebound gains an interesting punishment: Maddalena from the distance ends directly at the goal, but the ball ends just above the crossbar.

At the 85 'Barbacovi, after having decided the match of the first leg, he tries to put his signature also on the return: cross from the right, brave attempt in reverse, but he hits badly and Dalla Via collects the docile ball.

There are no other emotions and the Brixen wins its fourth consecutive victory.

The winning streak of Vicenza instead stops at three, with some regret seeing the decline in the second half.

It was the last away game of the season, the championship ends on Sunday and the Como arrives at Baracca: aim to win and convince to close in the best way an excellent season anyway.


Brixen Obi - Vicenza Women's Football 3-1


Kosta, Dorfmann (57 'Kammerer), Profanter, Kiem, Ladstaetter, Oberhuber (57' Barbacovi), Kerschdorfer (86 'Messner), Santin, Maloku (69' Graf), Bielak (C), Stockner (86 'Moser)

Available: Graus, Reiner

Coach Castellaneta Marco


From the Via, Balestro (46 'Broccoli), Perobello (82' Lazzari), Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro, Frighetto, Maddalena, Pomi S. (69 'Carino), Dal Bianco, Gobbato (64' Stocchero)

Available: Bianchi

All. Dori Cristian

Markers: 13 'Pomi (V); 45 '+ 2 Kerschdorfer (B); 68 'Kiem (B); 78 'Bielak (B)

Referee: Franzoni Matteo (Lovere)

Assistants: D'Andria Giuseppe and Muhammad Tamoor Shazada (Bolzano)

Recovery: 3 '; 4 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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