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The Fiammamonza takes the Baracca, Vicenza defeated 1 at 0

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Bad defeat for the Vicenza that loses 0-1 the direct confrontation with the Fiammamonza and is overcome in the classification just from the adversaries.
Match with few emotions but fought until the end by both teams: to solve it is the free kick of Galbusera at the 62 ′ that gives to the Lombard 3 precious points in key of salvation.

After the first leg of the 1-1, Vicenza and Fiammamonza are playing a bit of permanence in Serie C at Baracca: a victory for the Biancorosse would mean a little more tranquility, on the contrary instead the brawl would reopen to avoid the penultimate place .

Immediately dangerous guests on a corner kick, but the header is not accurate.

Vicenza ahead of the 11 ': Dal Bianco serves Frighetto on the right as he enters the area and from the end line he finds Stocchero at the first post, the n.9 tries to deflect it into the goal with the tip from close range but Rotella deflects in corner.

With the game often in midfield, for 20 minutes no conclusions are recorded; you have to wait for the 30 ′ when Sonnessa from the left corner of the penalty area, focuses and kicks powerful in the goal, Bianchi blocks.

At the 35 ′ Fortuna tries to carry on the Vicenza with a great shot from outside, but with the left-handed it kicks too weakly and Rotella para.

Good chance for the Biancorosse instead a minute later: on the edge of the area, Frighetto makes the bank for Fortuna that sees the insertion of Lazzari and serves her, the n.2 from a defiladed position kicks on the first post but the conclusion goes out on the outside of the network.

After a first half with few emotions, in the second half the match becomes more intense.

At the 46 ′ corner of Maddalena from the left, the ball is pushed out of the box where it is picked up by Missiaggia which lets it bounce and then kicks, a conclusion that does not particularly involve Rotella.

With the game that does not unlock, D'Angelo tries with a great shot from distance, the trajectory is high but the ball goes down at the door and ends just above the crossbar.

At the 51 'Nuzzo's free kick from the frontline, Velati in the area hits his head undisturbed but he can't frame the mirror.

At the 62 ′, from another free kick, the game is released: from the left top corner of the area, Galbusera kicks directly into the goal and finds the goal of the advantage slipping on the first post, Bianchi tries to push back but fails to avoid the 0-1.

Again as punishment, he tries again the Fiammamonza, still with Nuzzo: the opposing captain concludes powerful from very distant but it does not surprise Bianchi that he defends in two times.

The opponents to the 76 ′ instead waste the goal of the possible doubling: fast counterattack led by Velati, ball in depth for Moroni who in the area at the height of the first post only takes the power and a few steps from the door kicks out.

The Vicenza is not there and tries at least to find the goal of the draw: Missiaggia on the left recovers the ball, goes away in area and crosses to the center; Rotella is displaced by a deviation and misses the exit but Pomi arrives a moment late on the second pole and misses the tap-in with an empty goal.

Action similar to 87 ': Missiaggia for Perobello that in an offensive projection is wedged into the area and puts a good ball on the second post, Pomi is anticipated by a defender who moves away and saves the result.

Despite the 4 ′ recovery, the Biancorosse are unable to even the score and surrender to the 0-1.

The defeat reopens everything in a key of salvation and last week's Vicenza from + 2 finds itself under a point, in the penultimate place that would mean relegation.

For much of the match the challenge was balanced and it was an episode to solve it, the regret remains for not having been more concrete sub-gate.

We must immediately cancel the result and think about the next game, the first of the 5 finals remaining before the end of the season: the commitment is simple only if you look at the standings, but the Oristano won't want to leave the Biancorosse free field.

You go to Sardinia with just one goal, to win. Come on Vicenza!


Vicenza Football Women - Juvenilia Fiammamonza 0-1


Bianchi, Lazzari (71 ′ Balestro), Perobello, Missiaggia (C), Menon (71 ′ Pegoraro), Rigon (46 ′ D'Angelo), Fortuna, Maddalena, Stocchero (75 ′ Pomi), Dal Bianco, Frighetto

Available: Dalla Via, Carino, De Pretto

All. Dori Cristian


Rotella, Dadati, Moroni, Martiradonna (84 ′ Pirri), Rovelli, Nuzzo (C), Baratti (54 ′ Mariani), Velati, Galbusera (84 ′ Carlucci), Sonnessa (74 ′ Sonnessa), Citterio

Available: Vignati, Degrassi

All. Macrì Maria

Markers: 62 ′ Galbusera (F)

Referee: Santarossa Davide (Pordenone)

Assistants: Rosa Enrico and Longo Donato (Vicenza)

Ammonite: Menon (V), Balestro (V), Missiaggia (V)

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

Photo: Arianna Ferrati

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