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Giada Di Camillo: "The team is growing fast and I am confident that the results will come soon"

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Sunday, another difficult match for the Chieti Calcio Femminile that will face Ludos Palermo at home at Angelini: the Sicilian team is fourth in the standings at 15 points and is one of the strongest and most credited teams in the group. Last day he beat the leaders Grifone Gialloverde for 2-1.

The neroverdi will try to win important points to move the standings and move away from the area at risk, but above all maybe center a victory that would give morale to the team that is back from three excellent performances (two in the league against Napoli and Grifone, one in the Cup with Salento) and is growing strongly. The Captain Giada Di Camillo is more and more leading and dragging the team: in the field runs, suffers, dictates the game, goes into attack, in short, a real example for the younger girls that this year are so many in pink . Even the captain is therefore growing strongly as all players, for now only the results are missing, but the road taken seems to be the right one because you go back finally to go up the slope and thus abandon the lower part of the classification.

"It's a moment of mental, physical and technical-tactical growth for the team that is starting to follow and to rely more and more on the coach. Thanks to this we are succeeding in putting ourselves well in the field - underlines Giada Di Camillo - the results still hardly fail to arrive: we suffer the lack of concreteness and the lack of cynicism in the final phase. But there is confidence for the future and the matches that will come ".

As said Sunday, a very strong team arrives at the Angelini:

"The Ludos is undoubtedly one of the most accredited teams at least for the podium of the championship - says the neroverde captain - has players of good experience who have also played important fields. It will give us a strong twist to their strong competition, the strong personality they have: they are very strong. From now on it will have to distinguish ourselves more, in addition to the growth we are experiencing, the fact that we must put more viciousness, competitive spirit and open-mindedness in the field and never leave room for maneuver and thought to the adversaries. This should be the attitude to be taken against Ludos next Sunday but also against all other teams in the field put that presumption that we are struggling for now to have seen the young age of our rose. In the game with the Griffon we lost Samantha La Mattina for disqualification: we are playing almost all complete minutes, as a result with the passage of time there are the first defections. We have various fatigued players and a few too many injuries, but the girls who will replace them are ready to do their part anyway and make the most of the opportunity to give their best by showing everyone that they are ready to help the team concretely " .

The last performances of the Chieti have been decidedly good and encouraging, as precise Giada Di Camillo:

"The history of this championship teaches us that against the strongest we have always played good matches, we hope that sooner or later luck will also turn on our side and maybe we can even make a gift for the Christmas holidays that are approaching".

It was said that the captain is more and more an example of the spirit of attachment to the shirt and the desire to put himself even more at the service of the team:

"I grew up with the culture of football as a sport of sacrifice - says Giada Di Camillo - I have always been accustomed to not give up a centimeter because if you give up it means to get second respect to the opponent and not reach the goal that we is intended. I'm trying to give my best, to put in this league my knowledge and my values ​​of determination and conviction acquired during my football career, making myself available to the team because then the maximum role of a player is even more visible in difficult situations".

The captain devotes a dutiful thought to Marija Vukcevic:

"The team has given so much also with the legs and the heart of Marija Vukcevic that she suffered so much for the premature death of her mother: we all wanted to show her our proximity even if from a distance giving her the maximum. His lack in this championship, like that of my sister Giulia, is felt: we wait for Marija, we hope she will come back stronger than before to fight with us on the pitch ".

The results are slow to arrive for now, but this has not undermined the serenity of the dressing room neroverde, more and more united and convinced of being able to get out of this momentarily difficult situation. Giada Di Camillo is very convinced about this:

"We breathe a fairly quiet air, the company is not putting any pressure on us even though we know that they want the best from us. The expectation of all is that of not wanting to disappoint anyone, unfortunately we are in a period a bit 'unfortunate: even when we play big games our opponents are able to find the solution to unlock them. From this point of view, good luck does not assist us, but we are also not very concrete in the door and we must certainly improve in this. We are convinced that the victory will come sooner or later for us and we will be able to celebrate results that we deserve for the commitment we are always putting. I'm sure that long-term work is paying off, I'm not worried but confident for the team ".

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