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Salento Women Soccer avalanche on the newly promoted Power female soccer

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First win of the season for the Salento Women Soccer that liquidates with a peremptory 17-0 the Power, newly promoted team.
At the "Viviani" there was almost no game as the race was unlocked by Munoz already in the first minute of play. Then Serena D'Amico came to the chair at the end of eight goals.

Of these, the first is served to the captain of the formation of the Giallorossi to cross the finish line of the 130 made only in the league with the Giallorossi jersey, from Sunday then the booty has risen to 137.

First triplet in Italy for the Spanish midfielder Lorena Munoz while the very young Roberta Costadura scored twice. one goal per head for Cazzato, Vitti, Coluccia and Guido.

"It was a one-way match but it should be noted that our opponents have fought until the end - said the Giallorossi coach Vera Indino - Some games are likely to get complicated if you do not go on the pitch with the right concentration, the my girls were good at scoring in the first minute and then the race was down ". Celebrated captain D'Amico for the prestigious achievement achieved: "I dedicate it to my family who has always supported me all these years and of course I thank all my teammates for putting me in a position to score. limits, so I prefer to live for the day ".

Upon returning from Potenza, the team went directly to the Via del Mare stadium in Lecce, where they waited for executives, technicians, soccer players and young people of the football school to be Silvia Carofalo representing the property of Lecce football. Before the kick-off of Lecce-Palermo, the Salento Women Soccer was officially presented to the Giallorossi fans. "It was fantastic to receive the applause of about 15 thousand spectators of the Via del Mare, we felt emotions that can not be described.The tour of the field will remain among the best memories of my career", concludes captain D'Amico.

Series C - Results (2ª day) - Aprilia-Grifone 0-3, Trani-Naples F. 1-4, Pescara-San Marco Cs 8-1, Potenza-Salento 0-17, S. Egidio Sa-Ludos Palermo 1- 2, Virtus Naples-Chieti 3-1. Ranking: Grifone, Naples F. Palermo 6; Salento, Pescara 4; Chieti, S. Egidio, Virtus Na 3; Trani, Aprilia, San Marco, Potenza 0. Next round (4 November 2011): Chieti-Pescara, Grifone Roma-Salento Women Soccer, Ludos Palermo-Vapa Naples, Napoli Femminile-Potenza, New Team San Marco-Aprilia, Sant'Egidio-Apulia Trani.

Series C - 2a day
Potenza-Salento Women Soccer 0-17
Marking: in the 1 'Munoz pt; 3 'Fuck; 16 ', 21', 33 ', 42' D'Amico; 35 'Guido rigor; 44 'Costadura; in St 3 ', 21', 34 ', 38' D'Amico, 16 ', 41' Munoz; 18 'Coluccia; 26 'Vitti; 36 'Costadura.

Power: Notargiacomo (30 'st Muliere), Di Persia, Laviero, Modrone, Coviello, Sabia (22' st Di Marzo), Marinelli (9 'st Pace), Potenza, Garzillo, Santopietro (5' st Coluzzi), Cillis. On the bench: Piciullo. Coach Daniele Moreschi.

Salento Women Soccer: Errico, Ouacif (24 'st April), Felline, Viva (24' st Lazoi), Costadura, Guido, Munoz, Cazzato, Durante (16 'st Coluccia), Sozzo (16' St Vitti), D ' Friend. Vera Indino trainer.
Referee: Marra di Agropoli.

Marking: in the 1 'Munoz pt; 3 'Fuck; 16 ', 21', 33 ', 42' D'Amico; 35 'Guido rigor; 44 'Costadura; in St 3 ', 21', 34 ', 38' D'Amico, 16 ', 41' Munoz; 18 'Coluccia; 26 'Vitti; 36 'Costadura.
Notes: about three hundred spectators. Recovery: pt 0 ', st 6'. Angles: 11-0 for Salento Women Soccer.

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