Sunday, 05 April 2020
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An invented penalty condemns Cesena to the defeat at the home of SS Lazio

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Who has seen today's race can only be amazed at how the game ended. A disastrous referee, Mr. Emanuele MARCO per minute 90 'decrees four minutes of recovery and everything happens, grants a nonexistent and scandalous penalty to the minute 93' and the 95 'Lazio overturns the race with a goal by Palombi well over a minute and passes the four data.

Dangerous Capitoline at the 10 'with Picchi; Santoro descends on the crossbar in the middle a ball where he pounces Picchi and from the limit kicks over the crossbar.
Advantage Romagnolo with an amazing network of Cesenate Porcarelli at 12 '; receives ball in midfield from Nagni, part as a train, jumping like skittles four defenders enters the area and pierces Parnoffi Lazio goalkeeper.
Cesena, the owner of the field and the 18 'exchange Casadei Petralia with the shot of the latter to the goalkeeper.

He pushes the Juventus team, at the 31 'Porcarelli you drink Di Fazio and from the limit sferra a shot that ends high.
Occasion Cesena per minute 36 '; takes the ball Nagni free Casadio, this serves in the area Beleffi, kick and the goalkeeper para para twice.
Lazio dangerous at the 40 '; great shot from the edge of Di Giammarino deviated head from Castiello but Pacini is careful and para.

End of the first half with Cesena deservedly ahead of a zero net.
Resumption, at 46 'immediately Cesena; a Nagni missile from the limit flies Parnoffi and deflects a ball to the corner in the net, a minute later is Petralia that engages the extreme Lazio that deflects in the corner.
49 'exchange Pezzotti with Lorè launches a shot from the penalty spot of the penalty Pacini para in two stages.
52 'occasionissima Lazio; Castiello pounced on a nice launch of Di Giammarino, takes the ball into the area and face to face with Pacini kicked incredibly to the side.
Lazio still dangerous to the minute 64 'with a free kick, beats from the limit Coletta, Pacini well positioned para.
66 'amazing Romagna action with Battistini, raising his head sees free Nagni assist for the latter kicks the fly and the ball ends just above the crossbar.
Cesena with his head down continues to get dangerous as 71 'minute where, on the launch of Casadei, Beleffi kicks a weak shot for the goalkeeper.
On the Roman counterattack remedy, long launch of Savini for Castiello Pacini exits at the limit and para.
79 'long launch of Carlini for striker Guidi that heads close to the post, big chance.
Lazio waste at the 85 '; Proietti free in the Coletta area, alone in front of Pacini shoots high.
The race director checks the clock and at 90mo decides to give 4 recovery minutes; at the 93 'performs the omelette, ball thrown into the Cesenate penalty area, no one intervenes and Carlini accompanies the ball that is about to finish out, suddenly pounces on the ball Proietti that touches Carlini and "faint" on the ground, the referee decrees the rough draw of Lazio granting the maximum punishment. On the ball Colette that inflates the net.
The Italian spectators present in the stands are also in disbelief in the romagnole and incredulous rows.
Minute 95 '(already over a minute of the four recovery data) the referee instead of whistling the end, decrees a free kick for Lazio from the ¾ field, launch in the melee area with Pacini coming out postponing the ball right on the feet of Palombi that bags.

Incredible but true, football is really strange if you then put the referee too, we are cooked.
Match of a draw, first half Cesena bright especially after the advantage, the second half the Roman team has been better wasting a lot under the net, complaining about everything; regret and that without the episode of "invented" rigor we will be here to talk about another result.


Markers: 12 'Porcarelli (C), 93' Colette rigore (L), 95 'Palombi (L).
Referee Mr. Emanuele MARCO, Assistants Mr. Federico LANDUCCI Alberto RINALDI of the Pisa section.

Parnoffi, Santoro (85 'Palombi), Di Fazio, Vaccari, Savini, Picchi, Pezzotti, Di Giammarino, Coletta, Castiello, Lorè (58' Proietti) .-
Available to Felicella, Lombardozzi, Cela, Weithofer, Cianci.-
Coach Manuela TESSE

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastor, Carlini, Battistini (73 'Amaduzzi A.), Beleffi, Nagni (68' Ugolini), Casadio (58 'Bizzocchi), Casadei, Petralia (56' Guidi), Porcarelli.-
Available for Muratori, Calli, Zani.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Rome 03 February 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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