Monday, May 11 2015
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The Cesena finds himself and the victory: Milan Ladies beat 3 to 1

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After the defeat suffered last Sunday in Arezzo, the company decided to take a drastic decision by turning the page, exonerating Elvio Gozi and entrusting the first team to Roberto Rossi.

You return to play at the former stadium of Savignano sul Rubicone and Cesena shows off a winning and convincing performance.
The new Mister has been able to view the team for only a week but today those who went on the field have sold their skin dear, we have seen a gritty, willing Cesena where he showed flashes of good game.
Dangerous Romagnole at 2 'with Porcarelli; receives from Petralia and from the limit sends the ball out to the right of Groni.

11 'shot from the edge for Milan with D'Ugo, Pacini is ready and blocks.

Petralia on a free kick at 17 'makes a cross in the area where he pounces Porcarelli, but kicks off the defense Milanese with Wolleb.
23 'Battistini descends on the right ball to Nagni missile of the latter ball above the crossbar.
Bel Cesena with the surprise Pastor mistress of the defense, grinds game leaving crumbs to opponents who try to organize something concrete but constantly contained by bianconere girls.
27 'played high class of Petralia, receives ball and a free heel in the area Battistini which comes with a moment of delay, free Longo sending the ball into the corner.
It pushes like never before the team from Romagna that is still dangerous with Nagni always with a great shot from outside the area to the ground Groni.
Romagna advantage at 35 '; Cuciniello launches Beleffi this opens for Battistini, crosses the center where he pounces like a Petralia train and puts the ball on the net.
The Lombards try to reorganize the rows but Cesena is always dangerous as at 39 '; Carlini gives the ball to Casadei, this opens on the right where there is always Battistini, short run and cross for Petralia that relies on Porcarelli ball high, ... pure show.
The first part of the game is closed with a good ball and casual chase.
At the start of recovery, the landlords doubled and put a serious mortgage on the final victory; Penalty kick to the limit for Porcarelli's landing, it takes care to beat Petralia kick and postpone the defense, the ball arrives in Beleffi and the right 48 'swells the net with a shot that ends on the left of Groni.
Apotheosis to 55 'and 3 to 0; a wild Porcarelli steals ball in midfield, flies to the Rossoneri area pursued by two opponents, goes into the area discarded the goalkeeper out and deposited the ball on the net, all very nice.
The race slows down and Milan shortens the distance with Merigo who receives from Tamborini and inflates the network to 75 '.
78 'Bizzocchi receives from Cuciniello launches Nagni this yields to Casadio cross for Guidi that shoots a diagonal low shot but ends soon.
End of the race and finally check a nice Cesena, three goals concentrated in the second secon¬da fraction, are the result of a perfo¬mance of a team today ruthless, all very good Bianconeri girls with the three "P" (Pastore-Petralia -Porcarelli) in the mood, bring in the box three key points for the team from Romagna, today smiling and exciting.

Markers: 35 'Petralia (C), 48' Beleffi (C), 55 'Porcarelli (C), 75' Merigo (M)
Ammonita 77 'Merigo (M) .-
Referee Mr. Igor Yuri Paolucci of Lanciano
Assistants Pierpaolo Carella from L'Aquila and Maria Maianella from Lanciano.-
150 spectators approx.-

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastor, Carlini, Battistini, Beleffi (73 'Casadio), Nagni, Muratori (59' Bizzocchi), Casadei, Petralia (73 'Guidi), Porcarelli (80' Ugolini) .-
Available Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Calli.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Groni, Wolleb, Pedrazzini (55 'Tamborini), Longo, Longoni (81' Belloni), Carabetta, Merigo, D'Ugo, Brambilla, Barbuiani (55 'Gramolelli), Di Luzio.-
Available for Pilato, Ronchi, Cantoni, Piovani.-
Coaches Mario REGGIANI and Michele LEONI

Savignano Sul Rubicone 13 January 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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