June 11, 2015
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Giuseppe Boni: "One of the best seasons in the Gialloblù history"

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Giuseppe Boni speaks satisfied of his team and of the season just ended. News and changes will mark the upcoming Gialloblù championship but, as the president of Fortitudo maintains, always with optimism and professionalism.

Has the season just ended been one of the most brilliant of Fortitudo?

"Certainly it is one of the best seasons in the history of Fortitudo, because it is true that we were also a year in Serie A, but it was a different serious A then and then we are also demoted, so perhaps the most important year in our history is was that of the victory of the A2 to go to A, expressing among other things also a beautiful football. The two we have experienced in the last two seasons have been similar in some respects. In the last period we have invested something more, we have had a competitive staff and a rose and, consequently, we have made two extraordinary championships. I can't say if it was better last year or this, certainly this was much more difficult and we did very well. We have raised the value of our coaches and all the girls ».

Speaking of the future, will we always think of salvation as the first goal or, given the current results, will we think of high ranking?

"I know football too well to know how difficult and unpredictable it is. Sometimes we start with negative assumptions and then the season ends up great, other times we think we have a great team and then the year goes bad. The will is to reinforce the quality of the rose even more, but then there are so many variables: the company must be able to manage difficult moments, the staff must know its stuff, the team must be close-knit and there must be harmony in the group. Moreover we now also have the problem of finding another coach ».

This year there were so many new elements and it was necessary to create a team alchemy. Now that the team's structure is already structured, will the next championship start with an advantage?

"This year's group was a nice group, I don't say it but others say it and the results too. Clear that they may not know before, because at the beginning of the year they bring together different people with different characters and you can't know if they will get along. Fortunately, this season has gone well from this point of view. We are fortunate to be able to count on a large group of stable elements, with quality, experience and seriousness. The hard core of the team gives us security ».

Is the company already moving into the market?

"The coach's mishap will waste us time, but we have already moved and I repeat that coming to Fortitudo can be a great springboard. We have a lot of girls that this year have done well in Serie B and therefore could be interesting for some Serie A teams. Playing in Fortitudo is therefore not a downgrade, but a great showcase for those who want to show off and for whom believes he has good numbers. Making 900 minutes in Serie B is better than making 90 in A I think, so I think that Fortitudo can be an excellent opportunity for many players ».

So, despite the fact that there are more famous teams, Fortitudo, given the last two seasons, can become a team that appeals to players from other clubs?

"Something happened last summer in this regard. Certainly there is some more interest in us and there will be. I would like a girl to call Fortitudo not after having knocked on the door of ten other teams, I would like someone to consider Fortitudo among the first choices and bet on us, because what we promise we have always maintained and is an environment in where a girl can grow and show off ».

What was the reason for this divorce between company and coach?

«I state that I am very sorry, because with him I found myself well, his ideas have also contributed to us as a company to grow and he is a trained coach. I was upset because I thought I could do another year with him, as the previous two went very well. For me there were the conditions to do well again next year, for him instead there are no conditions for repeating such a championship, so he chose another path. I thank him warmly. Unfortunately, football is like this: we meet, we get a piece of the road together and then the roads split. We must not bind ourselves too much to anyone and we must be prepared to face new challenges and adventures, this is sport ».

A new coach always brings changes. Do you think a new coach could be a positive shock for the team even if it brings with it new ideas and different styles of play?

«We must see things positively and be optimistic. A change leads to new ideas and new styles of play, but also to different human relationships within the locker room. A novelty is always a way to grow, certain that the new coach must know his business, moreover the girls must accept the pros and cons of the new figures, they must be made available by professionals considering the level to which we are. They have to behave like footballers and if the coach says you have to stay on the bench you have to accept the thing and you have to ask yourself, instead of complaining, if you're giving your best or if you can instead give more and work harder to get the job. This is the right mentality ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
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