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Valeriano Bragantini: "I thank the girls. And from now on? Work and improve again"

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Valeriano Bragantini, in his first season as leader of the first team, expresses himself on the excellent results achieved by Fortitudo in the 2018 / 19 and on the work to be done to ensure that future growth is constant. A Fortitudo that has competed at par with favorite and better equipped clubs on the card. Would he have expected to close the championship in fourth place and go so much beyond salvation, that is the real goal?

"Honestly no, I wouldn't have expected it. We knew at the beginning of the season that the team was good, but not knowing the real value of the opposing teams it was difficult to imagine that it would end like this. I am very happy about the girls and the work they have done to reach this goal ".

What work will the company have to do to ensure that the team is competitive next season?

«We will have to analyze where and how to improve the team. We have seen that we are up to make a good championship and we would like to repeat ourselves. Obviously we need to work on several fronts, we will have to carry out a targeted purchasing campaign and improve the quality of the work of the technical staff, work that has already given excellent results and that has turned out to be excellent. The goal will always be salvation and it would be nice to repeat the result of this year at least. It's not an easy thing because women's football evolves and teams improve, but we have what it takes to play it ».

Do you think that the leap in level of the championship has been accompanied by a mental leap of the team that has allowed it to be at the top of the ranking?

«The level has undoubtedly risen and, having players of a certain caliber, we have been able to make such a season. The evolution seen in this year has brought with it joys and sorrows, in the sense that the girls are aware of the professional evolution that women's football is undergoing and therefore they know that there are choices to be made to force. Some have had to understand some dynamics on their skin, such as the bench or the grandstand. These moments, sometimes of crisis, have made them grow and I thank them because they are smart girls and they have understood that sometimes it is necessary to make these decisions ".

Did the new position of manager of the first team excite you as when your role was that of head of the youth sector?

«Yes, because I like challenges and I like to have ever greater goals. For some things the youth sector was better, because there was more simplicity, while in the first team, given that the result is of the utmost importance, things are sometimes more delicate. The new job allowed me to get to know more people and to grow on a personal level. I hope I have made a good contribution to the growth of the company ".

Given that he was responsible for the youth, we are talking about a change seen this year: Fortitudo has always focused so much on the Primavera, but this year the B series has imposed new things. Do we need to think about the future, to ensure that the youth sector grows to be a reservoir for the first team?

«It certainly is. It's something I say and we all want. To really grow, you need to work with young women and increase their quality. The goal for the next two to three years is to decrease the gap between Primavera and the first team. We have a duty to work there, in what must be our basin. There have been criticisms during this season because few young people have played, but to stay at certain levels you have to make choices and you can't wait if you want to do an important championship. The company is working to make the youth sector grow. It is not easy because the girls who do football are not many and we also have competitors with names as noble as Hellas, but we are not far behind ".

Riccardo Cannavaro
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