Sunday, May 31 2020
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Cesena closes the season with a great victory on the Milan Ladies side

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Cloudy day with rain before and after the game, the last race of the championship sees already except Cesena to visit the Milan Ladies who will play the playouts. The Rossoneri team starts at a great pace; at the 5 'fast counterattack and Granolelli with a great shot from 15 meters but did not worry Pacini.

Zani landed on the edge of the penalty area at the 7 ', kick the free-kick Pastore freed the Milan defense. Three minutes later, Barbuiani crosses a ball in the middle, Borgesn's header high over the crossbar. 25 minute Cesena counterattack, is put down without much compliments Bizzocchi, beats Petralia Ball over the crossbar.

Balanced race, the two teams fight with no holds barred.

Minuto 31 'wins the ball in midfield Bizzocchi, gives Nagni assists for Zani just outside the box, but hesitates and loses the chance.
Battistini 36 'falls on the wing, exceeds the direct opponent enters the area serves Petralia but frees the Belloni stopper.
Milan forward to the 43 'descent on the side band of Fadini, at the edge of the area he gave Granolelli a great shot with a ball that touched the pole to the left of Pacini.
Occasionissima Cesena a minute later with Petralia, well served by Muratori inside the penalty area, kicks the ball that is printed on the pole to the right of Pilate.
The game does not unlock and the referee decides to send everyone to the locker room on the result of 0-0.

Resumption, Cesena much more motivated tries to force, 49 'penalty kick beaten by Pastore, Casadio, Petralia and Nagni rush into the area, but their attempts are repeatedly rejected by the Lombard defense.

From this moment on he becomes a Bianconero monologue, the Romagna continue to grind game and want to take home the fifth consecutive victory; 59 'Calli receives the ball from Cuciniello, serves Petralia, the captain discards a defender crosses to the center for Zani who hits but puts to the side.

76 Zani's great goal brings Cesena in the lead; receives ball Amaduzzi M. from Carlini, assists x Beleffi, drinks an opponent gives the ball to Zani that from over 25 meters puts the ball in the net under the crossbar.

The Cesena holds up well the reaction of the home team, thanks to a good midfield and a careful defense that manages at best the outbursts of the Milanese, but they do not disdain even dangerous actions as at the 84 'Cuciniello launches Amaduzzi M. on the strip, this goes down ball and chain up to the middle of the pitch cross in the middle for Nagni, a bolide that ends at the side.

The last scream of Castelvecchio in full recovery at 91 '; De Carli opens on the left wing for Calli who with a great shot shaves the crossbar going to double the doubling.

Bring home the Fifth consecutive victory for Cesena with 13 net made and 1 suffered, Mister Rossi can be considered really satisfied for the work done that bodes well also for the next National championship of series "B" which will be even more competitive given the promotion of Napoli and the relegation from the Serie A of Bari.

Network: 76 'Zani
Ammonite: 35 'Longoni (M), 63' Pastor (C) .-

Pilato, Belloni, Fadini, Carabetta, Pedrazzani, Brambilla, Merigo (74 'Cantoni), Longoni, Barbuiani (89' Parolini), Borgesn (69 'Di Luzio), Granolelli.-
Available Groni, Longo.-
Coaches Mario REGGIANI / Lorenzo SPOLCINI

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastore, Carlini (74 'Casadei), Battistini (69' Amaduzzi M.), Nagni, Casadio, Petralia (74 'De Carli), Muratori (58' Calli), Bizzocchi (69 'Beleffi), Zani. -
Available Porcarelli, Guidi.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Milan 05 May 2019
Franco Scolozzi Cesena FC Women's Football Press Officer

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