Tuesday, August 20 2019
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Fortitudo Mozzecane, the excellent team performance is not enough to avoid defeat against Inter

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On the last day of the championship, which sees Inter celebrate the well-deserved promotion in Serie A, Fortitudo is defeated at the end of a game played with character and without fear, redeeming at least from the point of view of the approach to the game the defeat in Milan.

It is precisely the Gialloblù who become dangerous after a few seconds from the refereeing whistle, with Carraro's shot from outside the area that ends just over the crossbar. Inter takes the lead at the 2 'thanks to Costi, but Fortitudo continues to make its own game, sometimes even better than the guests, in particular pushing a lot on the left wing with the Caliari - Gelmetti axis and with ball raids on foot of Carraro and Dallagiacoma. At the 23 'guests in advantage 0-2 for the goal by Rognoni, who from two steps pushes into the net.

La Fortitudo finds a deserved goal at the 31 ', when Dallagiacoma puts in a precise ball that is thrown into the net by Gelmetti, who confirms himself as the team's best seasonal scorer. The hosts undergo two goals before the break, first with Baresi who starts on the offside and scores, then with Rognoni, who tries to shoot from distance: Olivieri touches but not enough. Fortitudo that closes on the 1-4 but that on the level of the game does not demerit.

The second half starts with the network of Saints, good at exploiting a free kick that is printed on the pole. In the second half the pace is lowered slightly and Inter strikes only at the 38 'with Rognoni, who signs the hat-trick with a bang under the crossbar. At the end of the game there is also joy for Groff, who hits from a corner kick and makes the defeat a little less bitter.

Fortitudo which is confirmed as the fourth strength of the championship and can smile for the good work done this season. A team that has shown that it can compete at high levels in the new national B series.


Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri (38 'st Perina), Groff, Caliari, Peretti (1' st Benincaso), Salaorni, Pavana (36 'st Mele), Pecchini (21' st Bertolotti), Dallagiacoma (21 'st Martani), Pinna , Carraro, Gelmetti.

Available: Perina, Bonfante, Mele, Bertolotti, Caneo, Benincaso, Martani.

Coach: Bragantini.

Inter: Cappelletti (33 'st Gilardi), D'Adda, Pisano, Locatelli, Baresi (14' st Marinelli), Regazzoli (14 'st Pandini), Costi (33' st Capucci), Pellens, Merlo, Santi, Rognoni.

Available: Gilardi, Crespi, Capucci, Marinelli, Brustia, Pandini.

Coach: De La Fuente.

Referee: Sfira (Pordenone).

Networks: 2 'pt Costs, 23' pt Rognoni, 31 'pt Gelmetti, 38' pt Baresi, 51 'pt Rognoni, 2' st Santi, 38 'st Rognoni, 44' st Groff.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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