Thursday, May 21 2015
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The invincible Inter army stopped by the Lazio eagles

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The news of the day is that for the first time this season, the invincible Inter army does not have full booty: the Nerazzurri of coach De La Fuente impacts against a Lazio host in his second consecutive draw. Advantage neroazzurro with the increasingly solitary top scorer Marinelli, equal to Coletta for the biancocelesti, the new advantage of the guests (1-2), for the definitive equal of Coletta (2-2).

The Empoli of trainer Pistolesi wins only in the final, second of the class with Acuti and Morucci with a Roma CF that comes out head-on from the comparison with the Tuscan women who bring home the entire stake (0-2).

All easy for the third of the class of Ravenna of Mr. Piras who trims a trio at the Mozzecane (3-0) with captain Cimatti, Filippi and an own goal by Olivieri, with the Romagna remaining in the wake of Empoli.

Cesena rises to 23 points; match on the velvet for the clubs with the now relegated Decimoquarto (7-0): hat-trick by Nagni, Porcarelli, Battistini, Bizzocchi and Zani, with a + 2 on the Milan ladies losing in the advance with the Cittadella (0-1) and that currently the stay in B would be played in the play-offs with the losers of the interregional C series.

Finally, a very precious success for the Arezzo on the Genoa (3-0): Di Fiore, Razzolini and Carta roll out the Ligurians who get hooked by the Tuscan women at 14 points.

Next round very delicate in the slums, with Genoa-Milan and Cesena-Arezzo.

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