Thursday, May 21 2015
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Fortitudo Mozzecane, Chiara Groff: "with the Ravenna tender revenge"

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Chiara Groff, the new defensive column of Fortitudo, took her first place in her first season and went on to further strengthen the Gialloblù rearguard.

Since you arrived at Fortitudo you have played almost every game. Would you have expected an impact like this?

"Yes, it's true, I almost always played. My personal goal was to make as many presences as possible and find continuity, knowing clearly that there was a place to play for after each game and after every workout. I am happy to have succeeded in getting what I wanted and I hope to continue like this. There is still a lot of work to do ».

You have had experience in Serie A. What do you think of the level of this new championship in relation to the maximum series and what is missing to reach us?

"We are a very young team and therefore we lack the experience that our direct competitors that aim at A have. Sometimes I think it was the mental aspect that limited us on some occasions. It is the experience that allows you to support this mental aspect and therefore allows you to know how to better manage even the most difficult games. The championship is beautiful, exciting and competitive. As the ranking shows, there is a split between the first and the other teams, not to mention the Inter that made a separate championship. I believe that the technical level of the first ones, with an adequate physical preparation, can ensure that the best teams in the B series can give a hard time even to the top teams. Perhaps the main difference between this championship and Serie A is the margin of error: last year, speaking of my experience, you could not concede anything; a mistake was an almost certain goal. This year there is a somewhat wider margin of error ».

How do you rate your first season in the Gialloblù jersey?

"I'm happy with my first season here. I am especially happy with the group, a fundamental thing to do important things. As a goal we had salvation, then gradually we realized that we could aspire to something more and this is thanks to all and all. In any case we will evaluate the season when it is finished. I'm quite satisfied but I would like to be more constant. I am a critical person with myself, in a constructive way naturally. I look for more consistency in my performances and maybe even at the team level this is a bit missed: we alternated high-level performances with others in which we played not as we know how to do. You just need to review the mistakes and learn from them. At the group level there is some regret for some lost points, but then again, it's all experience for the future seasons ».

The next challenge will be with Ravenna, a beautiful high-ranking game.

"The next game will be tough. Ravenna is a team forced to win and with them we have outstanding accounts. I already think the cup game has not reflected our real value, but above all I want the revenge for the championship. It was a conditioned match even at the referee level and so I want at all costs to go home with the three points ».

As the coach said, this is a practically new team. Judging by the position in which you are the agreement of the group was good right away. Any more reason to be even stronger next year?

«There was a good understanding immediately. As I said, the fact that there is a good group in and out of the field facilitates everything and winning facilitates the maintenance of a close-knit group. These are two things that influence each other. We have grown and will continue to grow, demonstrating our value in the field ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
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