Monday, May 11 2015
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Cesena, superb test in Genoa

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After the umpteenth day of Stop the women's Serie B returns and does so with several key matches, as far as the salvation zone is concerned. It starts with the match in Liguria, between Genoa Women and Cesena.
For the Romagnolese, the goal is to win, to bring Milan and Lazio closer and to keep the distance from Genoa and from the penultimate Arezzo.

Rossi Mister Cesenate from today's challenge expects answers after the beautiful and painful victory at home against the Citadel.
Said, made to unlock it we think about the minute 17 'a devilish Porcarelli, who brings the Cesenate ahead.
28 'doubling for Romagna with Porcarelli but the network is canceled by the referee for offside.
Opportunity on the feet of Casadio at the minute 38 '; launch to undo Pastore assist of Nagni but Casadio arrives badly on the ball and does not frame the door.
The game is played by Cesena, beautifully elegant in all departments, the work done by the girls and the technical staff during the week to better prepare for this race can be seen.
42 'launch of Carlini for Nagni, free on the band Battistini that goes down on the band puts in the center for Casadio who kicks to the side.
The first half ends and you go into the locker room in the lead.

Resumption, the Ligurians enter much more aggressive in order to recover the race, but the midfield and the Cesenate defense, today very careful, keep the impact.
In the best moment for the landlords comes the second network, the Petralia signature with a Euro Gol; we are at the minute 65 'and from thirty meters unloads a missile that is stuffed into the door defended by Pignagnoli.
Cuciniello descends on the band to serve Porcarelli at the 74 ', this spear Petralia that from the limit hits the internal crossbar.
Minuto 75 'the award-winning company Porcarelli Petralia with a fast counter-attack packs the third goal that closes the games on the race, marks Petralia but the net is to be shared with the amazing Porcarelli.
Unleashed Cesena, immediately after the brace of Petralia, Nagni goes in progression, then asks Casadei to exchange, who instead tries to turn around but is stopped.
Big ball of Casadio at the minute 78 'for Guidi who does not frame the mirror.
We try Bizzocchi at the 85 'with a shot from outside but finds the good opposition of the Ligurian goalkeeper.
Towards the end of the 88 'race, Guidi with an Assistant from Pastore tries the shot around and finds the corner.
On the corner kick by Calli, Nagni kicks but does not find the goal mirror.

Beautiful and very important victory achieved with the Heart and muscles, really compliments to Cesena who with a superb test, conquered a difficult field like that of Genoa.
Race practically controlled from beginning to end, good dribble, almost no defect in defense, perfect day expected for a long time, arrived in the right race.
Appointment next Saturday with the very important home game against Roma XIV.-

Markers: 17 'Porcarelli, 65' and 75 Petralia.

43 Ammonite 'Carlini (C), 44' De Luca (G), 55 'Oliva (G), 60' Cuciniello (C).
Referee Mr. Delrio of the Reggio Emilia Section
Assistants to Mr Peloso of Nichelino and Mirarco of Bergamo.

Pignagnoli, Belloni (75 'Massarelli), De Luca, Simeoni (52' Licco), Giuffra, Oliva, Cafferata, De Blasio, Nietante, Cama, Buzi (86 'Pigati).
Available to Stefanin, De Planu, Balbi, Favali.
Coach Stefano PIAZZI

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastore, Carlini, Battistini (63 'Bizzocchi), Beleffi, Nagni, Casadio (80' Calli), Casadei, Petralia (73 'Guidi), Porcarelli.-
Available Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Muratori, Bizzocchi, Zani.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Santa Margherita Ligure 14 Aprile 2019
Cesena Soccer Women's Press Officer Franco Scolozzi

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