On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Cesena regains its determination and victory

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A very important success for the Cesena who gets rid of the Citadel on the friendly field of Savignano sul Rubicone, in the 18 day of the "B" series championship, the final result 1-0 that allows the girls of Mister Rossi to remain in the running for salvation.

Better the Venetians at the start, twice dangerous with Kastrati; at the 3 'he heads high from a good position, at the 5' he runs away on the right lane and kicks the net from the edge, without finding the goal mirror.
The romagnole start to grind game and at the 7 'they get a corner kick on the Petralia palla ball at Porcarelli high on the crossbar.

Two minutes later, Ugolini was injured due to a somewhat dangerous entry to Yeeboaa, which was not sanctioned by the referee.
Minuto 14 'Cesenati girls go online; Pastore's free-kick in the area jumps Cuciniello's head and puts it in the net, but Signor Pistarelli whistles an alleged hand ball by Cuciniello herself.
19 'great opportunity for the paduans; Battistini loses the ball in midfield in favor of Schiavo, this Yeboaa lance which pounces like lightning into the area kicks in and here Pacini makes a good save going to push the ball back into the corner.

The guests gain confidence and at the 32 'Galvan receives the ball from Piovani and kicks the net, the ball is deflected for a corner by Carlini.
The Venetians insist, descent on the Rigon cross band in the middle and the fast Yeboaa arrives with a moment of delay.
With a masterly pass Petralia at the 42 'launches Porcarelli, this tow the ball turns but hits floor.
We go to rest for a well-deserved refreshment given the hot day.

Ripresa attacks Cesena; at the 48 'another corner kick beats Petralia on the ball Nagni blocks Toniolo.
They attack the landlords; at the 52 'launch of Casadio for Nagni, he shoots a left but the ball goes out.
Three minutes after a resounding Yaboaa, a real stinging thorn in the Cesenate defense, he is landed on the edge of the penalty area, Kastrati kicks high on the ball.
Pushes the Cesena, Nagni with a superb descent from midfield is landed at the limit is responsible for kicking Pastore high on the crossbar.
Cesena in advantage at the 73 '; Nagni receives the ball from Casadei discards his defender enters the area and is put down, the two-meter referee decides without a shadow of doubt the maximum penalty. Ball in Petralia sending the ball into the net. The former Savignano stadium explodes again today with a beautiful sight of people in the stands with black and white flags and banners.
Five minutes later it is always Nagni to engage Toniolo with a waving from outside the area, unbelievable the Cittadella goalkeeper is exceeded going to deviate in corner the missile addressed to the seven.
Come forward to the 84 ', a long ball from Pizzolato for Meggiolaro, this defends the ball well but luck cesena kicks off.

The Race Director sends everyone to the locker room after four minutes of recovery and he makes a party on the pitch and in the stands today very noisy.
Bad time first, second much better, the race was fought by all the girls on the field, but today the determination and the desire to return to the Cesena victory was superior to the opposing team.

Scorers: 73 'Petralia rigor.

Notes: Ammonita 92 'Calli (C)
Referee Mr Simone PISTARELLI of the Section of Fermo
Lords Assistants Luca Noè MARSEGLIA and Luca BRNASSO of the Milan Section.
200 viewers around.

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastore, Carlini, Ugolini (9 'Battistini), Beleffi, Nagni, Casadio (87' Calli), Casadei, Petralia (78 'Bizzocchi), Porcarelli.-
Available Amaduzzi A., Muratori, Guidi, Zani.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Toniolo, Fasoli, Sossella, Baldo, Schiavo, Casarotto, Yeboaa, Rigon (82 'Pizzolato), Piovani (64' Zorzan), Galvan (64 'Meggiolaro), Kastrati.-
Available De Bona, Ciampanelli, Meneghetti, Brotto.-
Coach Moreno DALLA POZZA

Savignano sul Rubicone 31 March 2019
Cesena Soccer Women's Press Officer Franco Scolozzi

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