Monday, September 16 2019
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Ravenna Women FC tames Lupa and looks back up

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When the going gets tough the tough start to play and Ravenna Women FC managed to win a fundamental victory for the rest of the season against a Roma who fought with honor until the triple whistle, despite the double numerical inferiority. To highlight the beautiful frame of public present today in San Zaccaria, with the "Soprani" of the great occasions and several supporters who came from the capital to support their girls.

High rhythms right from the start with the teams taking the field with the will to challenge each other openly. At 4 'Visentin grinds miles on the left wing and earns a punishment: Barbieri goes on the ball and shoots at the stars. At 6 'Ravenna tries to take the lead: Cimatti, with his back to the goal, goes to Burbassi who can't turn around and is closed by the opposing defense. At ten laps of the clock Roma tries to worry the hosts, but after a series of rebounds in the area of ​​Copetti, Ilaria Filippi's shot without too many ambitions goes out on the bottom. At the 16 'the episode that made the match: Burbassi is landed in an irregular way by Capparelli, who commits the last man's foul and must leave the field. The landlords thus conquer a punishment that is worth gold and that Montecucco transforms impeccably, bringing the lionesses into advantage.

Thus the Romagna are in numerical superiority and with a goal of advantage to just under twenty minutes of play. At the 24 'a Barbaresi missile takes an interesting trajectory but it is not worth the double advantage. At 35 'Landa beats a punishment and his ball runs through the entire Ravenna area without being impacted by anyone.

Moment of emphasis of the team of coach Piras that closes the first portion of the game in attack with Bouby that however drags the ball over the line. At the second half only three minutes pass and Montecucco gains a foul which is worth the double yellow card and Sclavo's expulsion, with Roma remaining in nine but not giving up. But Ravenna is not surprising and closes every gap and constantly tries to push forward to score the goal of doubling, finding on the other side an extreme defender in the day that avoids a passive without doubt heavier thanks to a series of providential potatoes , like the one diving at 62 'on the conclusion of Barbaresi. A moment later a header from Filippi on an assist by Cimatti makes the "Soprani" crowd stand up, but this time the ball does not enter.

At the 65 'important parade of Copetti, until then limited to the normal administration, which saves the Romagna goal from the punishment beaten by Kovacevic. At the half hour of the second half, Filippi still looks for the 2 at 0 using a kick from Barbaresi but Di Cicco saves the Roman goal.

But at the 75 'Montecucco is still thinking to surprise the extreme defender guest and to put his signature again on a very important victory for the Romagna. At the 82 'Di Cicco also takes the applause of San Zaccaria when he manages to nullify a close conclusion of Cimatti. In full recovery Filippi still has the strength to gallop on the left making the 3 dream of 0 as the first leg to the "Certosa" but can't find the door.

These three points are gold for the Ravenna Women who now reach the Fortitudo Mozzecane at 34 points and take off the capitoline of three distances. In the next round the lionesses are expected by Lazio for the seventh day of return. The promotion run is more alive than ever!

MARKERS: 17 'Montecucco, 75' Montecucco

AMMONITE: 6 'Sclavo, 43' Silvi
ESPULSE: 16 'Capparelli, 49' Sclavo, 70 'Barbieri

RAVENNA WOMEN FC: Copetti, Cameron, Giovagnoli, Greppi, Bouby, Burbassi (from 80 'Rays), Barbaresi, Filippi, Carrozzi (from 57' Haanpaa), Cimatti, Montecucco. In disp: Cicci, Cinque, Amadori, Raggi, Balladelli, Haanpaa, Matteucci. All: Roberto Piras

FEMALE ROME: Di Cicco, Capparelli, Sclavo, Silvi, Cortelli, Domi (from 27 'Checchi), Visentin (from 66' Ietto), Barbieri, Kowacevic, Landa (from 67 'Conte), Filippi. In disp: Guidi, Checchi, Pisani, Ietto, Polverino, Conte, Ferlgendreher. Colantuoni All

REFEREE: Mr. Catanoso of Reggio Calabria

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