Monday, September 16 2019
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The Cesena returns to Romagna with a sound defeat

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Unfortunately the HCL girls did not repeat the beautiful match seven days ago against the leaders of the Inter, today the Tuscan land was not benevolent towards the team of Mr. Rossi who returns to Romagna with a resounding defeat.

Good start for Cesena who for the first 10 minutes manages to keep the team high and to stop dangerous actions of the Empoli in the bud.
At 7 'launch Pastore for Porcarelli on the left wing, he goes like a missile on the edge after having dribbled two opponents, the Expert stopper puts the ball in the corner kick.
At the 10 'Empoli ahead; launch of Papaleo to overtake the Romagnola defense that gets caught unprepared and the astute Acuti interferes between the two Juventus defenders and with a touch to override Pacini puts the ball in the net.

Immediately the response Cesenate that a minute later responds with Porcarelli who receives from Nagni enters the area kicks but the ball slams on Boglioni's wide arm, the referee can only declare the maximum punishment. On the Petralia sphere that puts on the net.
Dangerous action of Romagna at 20 '; landed on the edge of Bizzocchi, beat Pastore safely comes Lugli and blocks.

At the 21 'doubling of the Toscane; it is the precise copy of the first goal, yet another long throw, defense still surprised and always Acuti who slips between the two defenders and beats with a lob Pacini coming out.

The bianconere try to react; minute 35 'Beleffi frees with an assist the usual Porcarelli who takes the ball enters the area and right touches the left pole of Lugli.
The Empoli pressure is constant and both the midfield and the Romagna defense are apprehensive, so we go to rest with the result of 2 at 1.

The second half opens again as the first one is closed, at the 60 'Empoli goes on the 3 to 1; corner kick beats Acuti svirgola Nagni and the ball ends up in the net.
66 'try to react the Cesenate team, a ball kicked from a meter always from the usual Porcarelli on an unmarked pass from Petralia, Lugli turns a corner.
At the 77 'the fourth network; Begic receives the ball in midfield and flies on the left wing, brushing a precise cross for Prugna who, with his back to the goal, turns and sends the ball to the low corner of Pacini's goal that he can do nothing.
It is a defeat for the Romagnolese who are unable to strike up an action that could trouble the Tuscan extreme.
It goes on, minute 84 'on a ball at the edge of the bianconera area is Papaleo that leads to five goals with a great shot that ends at seven behind Pacini.
At the 90 'the race director puts an end to hostilities and sends everyone to the locker room.

After only seven days the Cesenate team was unrecognizable and in any case it was certainly not today that the group had to score points, against vice-list leader Empoli, a very good team.

Next Sunday the appointment and with the Citadel, will be one of the five battles that will have to be won at all costs with the help of the warm Romagnolo public.

Markers: 10 'and 21' Acuti (E), 11 'Porcarelli rigor (C), 60' Autorete Nagni (E), 77 'Prugna (E), 84' Papaleo (E).
Notes: Ammonite 15 'Ugolini (C), 36' Petralia (C), 41 'Papaleo (E), 47' Pastore (C).

Lugli, Boglioni, Di Guglielmo, Experts, Plum, Papaleo, Mastalli, Acuti, De Vecchis (80'Caucci), Parrini, Begic (80 'Cotrer) .-
Available to Ness, Garnier, De Rita, Morucci.-
Alessandro PISTOLESI coach

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastore, Carlini, Ugolini, Bizzocchi (57 'Calli), Beleffi (57' Casadei), Nagni (65 'Zani), Casadio, Petralia (80' Muratori), Porcarelli .-
Available Amaduzzi A., Balzani, Guidi .-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Cesena 24 March 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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