Thursday, May 21 2015
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Martina Gelmetti: "Fortitudo this year is a team that can make you dream!"

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Seven goals in the league and two goals in the last with Cesena (3-1, ed). The Gialloblù striker is in confidence and at this moment he is proving the lighthouse of the Gialloblù attack.
You are the team's top scorer. Would you have expected it? Do you feel like the team's offensive drag?

"Knowing I never expected to have already scored seven. Usually I provide more assists for the companions, but this year it would seem different. I had not scored a shotgun for a while. I'm very happy, I feel like I'm doing well but I know I can do even more. Our game is not centered on a single player but on all the eleven elements plus the changes, so I do not consider myself the offensive drag but one of the many we have ».

What was the match with Cesena?
"In the first half, Cesena was probably seen; we were in a hurry in the games and we had to distance ourselves from the adversary again. They have a good midfield and a good attack but we have been good and close them effectively most of the time. We had to, in some cases, be harder in the contrasts. In the second half we played more ball on the ground and we did the game well with good phrases. Throughout the match we were good at making it happen ».

Apart from Marinelli Inter you can play it with all the others for the scorer ranking. As a personal goal, you have the double digits and the climb in the scorer ranking?
"My only thought is to exceed the figure of last year, then we'll see. I consider a collective success as a team rather than a personal one more important, so now I look for and look for the three points every Sunday ".

More than once you have had heavy absence. Now Silvia and Giorgia got hurt. Are injuries a bit penalizing this season?
«There have often been important absences, but more than once in this championship it has been shown that injuries did not penalize us but gave us that extra strength and that extra cohesion. And then there is to point out that those who have been called into question have always covered the role in the best way ».

The next one will be the recovery with the Cittadella. An insidious game that could however project you to the second place. Do you feel the pressure of the result?
"We feel more the desire to have fun rather than pressure. We are charged, we know our power, we can not wait to play it. It will be a good match and we are here! ».

According to the mister the quota salvation is around the 30 points. When you get to that altitude, will you go down in the field with more tranquility to play the places that count?
"Even if you have unconsciously arrived at 30 points, we will be quieter. I believe that after the month of preparation none of us stopped at the thought of - "we must save ourselves" - but it went further. It was immediately understood that Fortitudo this year is a team that can make you dream! ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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