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Fortitudo Mozzecane, Peretti - Gelmetti spread the Castelvecchio

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The gialloblù find an important result winning against the Castelvecchio 3-1. A match fought just like the first leg in Cesena (3-4, ed). The only injuries to Carraro, distortion, and Bertolotti, wrist fracture.

The team of Bragantini starts uphill, as the 12 'goes under with the network of Porcarelli, which uses a defensive error, burns in speed Pavana and crosses the second post. The advantage of the guests lasted very little thanks to Gelmetti, who at the 16 'head impacts the precise cross of Pinna and signed the same. They are the most dangerous: Porcarelli dribbles half the defense of the Mozzecane and shoots, but his left is walled up; Gelmetti tries the double but his treacherous shot is rejected. At the 28 'Porcarelli is still trying to score, but from a good position kicked out fortunately for the landlords.

The recovery starts well for the Gialloblù, who take the lead with Peretti: control over Benincaso's pass and the left-winged corner. At the 16 'Caliari is the protagonist; the defender makes a miraculous rescue, in fact he rejects on the goal line the ball kicked by the usual 10 number of the Castelvecchio after a great action. The recovery is fought, the guests hit two woods, but Gelmetti two minutes from the end puts things in clear: it flies between two opponents and, after seeing the goalkeeper out of the posts, from outside the area makes a great goal of lob. Personal double and result in ice.


Fortitudo Mozzecane: Meleddu, Pecchini, Caliari, Lords, Groff, Pavana, Benincaso, Carraro (44 'pt Bertolotti, then replaced by Bonfante at 24' st), Pinna (37 'st Martani), Peretti, Gelmetti.

Available: Olivieri, Salaorni, Mele, Bonfante, Bertolotti, Borg, Martani.

Coach: Bragantini.

Castelvecchio: Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastor, Carlini (30 'pt Amaduzzi A.), Bizzocchi (37' st Calli), Beleffi, Nagni, Casadio (30 'st Guidi), Casadei, Petralia, Porcarelli.

Available: Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Balzani, Calli, Vicini, Guidi, Zani.

Coach: Piraccini.

Referee: Gandolfo (Bra).

Assistants: El Filali (Alessandria), Cimmarusti (Novara).

Networks: 12 'pt Porcarelli, 16' pt Gelmetti, 8 'st Peretti, 43' st Gelmetti.

Notes: ammonite Bizzocchi and Beleffi.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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