On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The lionesses from Ravenna Women FC return to roar

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Beautiful victory in the comeback to Cittadella in the 12 ° day of the championship for the team of Mr. Piras, who after finding himself at a disadvantage in the first half of the first lap the race in the second fraction of the game, putting the field grit and heart. The undisputed protagonist of the success on the difficult field of Lady Granata Cittadella is the overwhelming Simona Cimatti, author of a shotgun as beautiful as it is precious for the classification.

Three heavy points for the Giallorossi who thus defend the third place and are approaching only one length from the Empoli, the current second in the standings, today stopped by Fortitudo Mozzecane.

Roberto Piras finds himself having to deal with the influence that has affected most of the squad and is presented at the Municipal Field "Grantorto" with an 442 formed by Copetti to defend the poles, defense with Cinque, Greppi, Colini, Cameron, midfield with Raggi, Barbaresi, Filippi and Burbassi, attack tandem signed by Cimatti and Montecucco. The game is presented since the kick-off very tight and balanced, with various inaccuracies that affect the maneuvers of both teams in the field. What captain Cimatti is in the day you understand the sixth lap clock, when he turns an assist for Montecucco but is anticipated by the goal grenade.

For the first phase of the game there are continuous changes of front with the two extreme defenders limited to the role of spectators. Yeboaa makes it clear that it can hurt if you leave spaces but the first flash is caught: at the 27 'Barbaresi serves Burbassi but calibrates badly and his conclusion comes straight into the arms of Toniolo. At this point the Ravenna Women gains courage and collects a series of consecutive punishments: at the 35 'right from the spot kick conquered by Raggi and beaten by Barbaresi the Venetian rearguard woes with Toniolo who rejects but does not hold back, unfortunately Montecucco can not take advantage of occasion.

At the 42 'defensive blackout of the Romagna and Lady Granata Cittadella who took the lead with Piovani who raptures the ball rejected by Copetti on the crossbar and then rebounded near the player of the house. The Ravenna Women sends down the toad and closes the first half in attack without being able to equalize in the accounts. Cimatti and companions return to the field after the interval determined and eager to recover the game and it is the captain to rebalance the match at 61 'with a heavy goal, as well as a technical gesture of rare beauty: stop chest and turn on the far post.

The boost of self-esteem of Ravenna corroborates the entire group that is not satisfied with a point, because the Mozzecane is winning at Empoli, and a victory would mean being only one point from the second position in the standings. At the 66 'Giallorossi close to doubling with Haanpaa who fails to divert the cross of Filippi in the network. Ravenna believes it and the 2 goal at 1 arrives at the 86 and is thanks to the award-winning company Montecucco-Cimatti, with the first which packs an applause for the 9 number of Ravenna that does not miss and beats Toledo for the second time .

Now the Ravenna Women FC will host the Genoa Women at home at the "Soprani" next Sunday 3 February and the goal is to find continuity and return to cheer at home.

Sunday 27 / 01 / 2019, Grantorto municipal field, via Sant'Antonio, Grantorto (PD)

Lady Granata Cittadella - Ravenna Women FC: 1-2
Marking machines: 42 'Piovani (L), 61' Cimatti (R), 86 'Cimatti (R)
Ammonite: 52 'Rays (R)

Lady Granata Cittadella: Toniolo, Fasoli, Sossella (from 68 'Ciampanelli), Baldo, Schiavo, Meggiolaro (from 68' Savegnago), Yeboaa (from 90 'Pizzolato), Rigon, Zorzan (from 68' Toledo), Piovani, Kastrati. On request: Savegnago, Ciampanelli, Pizzolato, Toledo, Meneghetti, Brotto. All. Moreno Dalla Pozza

Ravenna Women FC: Copetti, Cinque, Greppi, Colini, Cameron, Burbassi (from 51 'Haanpaa), Barbaresi, Filippi, Raggi (from 60' Giovagnoli), Cimatti, Montecucco. Available: Cicci, Omokaro, Giovagnoli, Bouby, Balladelli, Matteucci, Haanpaa. All. Roberto Piras

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