On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Salaorni: We will continue to work hard to keep growing until the end of the season

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The first round ended with the three points, important points that allow the Gialloblù to remain attached to Empoli and Ravenna. On Sunday, just in Empoli, there will be the turning point of the championship.
With the Roma are back three points even if the team did not seem very brilliant in certain situations. Is it a Fortitude that has yet to find the perfect form after Ravenna, Inter and Rome XIV?

"With Roma XIV it was important to bring home the three points, even if the team did not express the good game that distinguished it in the other games. We came from a heavy defeat against Inter and we knew that victory would raise morale. On some occasions you do not need to be brilliant, but effective, and so it was. "

The first round is finished. What rating do the team deserve so far?

"Surely this is a positive first round, in which the team has been able to fight and prove its value in all matches. The results obtained so far are children, as well as good work in the field, also of a cohesive and compact group. The strength of the group, in more than one game, has allowed us to bring home the result. We are halfway on our journey and there are still many points at stake. You continue to work to improve again and to collect as much as possible in the second round. Second we deserve a bell'otto as a vote ".

At the beginning of the season you would have expected a team capable of fighting for the top of the standings?

«At the beginning of the season, I have to be honest, I was aware of our potential, but not knowing many of the other teams, I was not biased and I did not want to draw a conclusion ahead of time. When I play games, I can say that we deserve to be where we are ".

The second part of the season will start immediately with an adversary very tough, the Empoli. What game do you expect?

«Sunday begins the second part of the season and we will face one of the toughest opponents. I expect a high intensity game both on the physical level and on the level of the game. Certainly it is a different game from last week and will be dealt with in another way ».

What do you think is, among the pursuers, the most fearful?

"This year, given the top level of the league, every game is crucial and all teams are dangerous pursuers. You can not underestimate any, they are all dangerous and hunting for points. "

Has this Fortitude shown its full potential or will it be able to amaze you further?

«With the training and work the team's potential is constantly evolving. Since the start of the season we have grown, game after game, and I think we will continue to do so until the end of the season ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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