Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Too much Inter and a little Fortitudo: the Gialloblù go off in Milan

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Too much Inter for the Gialloblù. The girls of Bragantini are defeated 6-0 away in Milan against the queens of the B series, which keep the first place at full score. We have seen an unscrupulous Fortitude, too little courageous for the qualities that these girls have instead.

The markings are opened by Marinelli, who at the 7 'kick low and surprises Olivieri. A few minutes later comes the doubling of the landlord with Brustia, who with a precise diagonal hole in the door. The guests try to resist the double blow immediately and try to shorten the distances, but also the bad luck is put: first we try Gelmetti, which at 31 'shoot on the crossbar after a nice dribble in the area; at 34 'Peretti tries a good position in the small area but his shot is rejected by Capelletti in a corner.

The recovery speaks only Nerazzurri. At 4 'Marinelli hits a post and at the 7' Pandini signs the 3-0 comfortably supporting the ball in the net. It does not even take a minute to get the fourth goal, with Marinelli taking advantage of a counter-attack and scoring a personal double. The Fortitudo is not there and tries to save the pride: Martani tries the great action in solitary that ends with a violent shot rejected by the Nerazzurri defender. At 9, however, Inter still hurt, this time with Regazzoli, who shoots a missile straight from the net. The 6-0 reaches the 30 ', when Costi finds himself in front of Olivieri and displaces it.

A game without history, but a Fortitude that must quickly forget the result and resume its march, conscious of its qualities and all the good things shown so far in this championship. Head to the next game.


Inter: Capelletti, D'Adda, Capucci (15 'St Pellens), Locatelli, Marinelli (15' St Costi), Brustia (3 'St Pandini), Baresi (33' St Crespi), Regazzoli, Merlo (33 'St Giani ), Saints, Rognoni.

Available: Schroffenegger, Crespi, Pisano, Costi, Giani, Pellens, Pandini.

Coach: De La Fuente.

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Pecchini, Caliari, Bertolotti, Groff, Pavana (41 'St Bonfante), Martani, Caneo (15' St Salaorni), Pinna (24 'St Borg), Peretti (41' St Bottigliero), Gelmetti (15 'st Signori).

Available: Perina, Salaorni, Bonfante, Signori, Cinti, Bottigliero, Borg.

Coach: Bragantini.

Referee: Villa (Rimini).

Assistants: Siboni, Bertozzi.

Networks: 8 'pt Marinelli, 13' pt Brustia, 6 'st Pandini, 7' st Marinelli, 9'st Regazzoli, 30 'st Costi.

Notes: Rognoni ammonita.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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