Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Under 19: Parma - Real Meda 3 - 1

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Noceto, February 10, 2020 - On the 4th day of the second round of the Junior Under 19 Championship "Lombardia", on Field "B" in summary of the Sports Complex "Il Noce" in Noceto (PR), Saturday 8 February 2020, Parma hosts Real Meda: both teams, until Mr. Tolentino's starting whistle, in 2020 have always won, and at the end of a very open and spectacular race full of reversals in front, the Crusades will win the tough contest 3 -1.

The Lombards show up at the appointment very motivated, strong of the clear success on Como for 3-1 in the previous round, the girls of Mister Roberto Dellapina start with not very high rhythms, trying to study the opponents who, as in the first leg, often rely the games of captain Porro and the speed on the lanes of the La Mantia twins. Parma created the first danger at 18 ', but Vasirani did not arrive with the right decision on Tommasini's cross from the right. At 32 'the Crusades take the lead: Captain Fontanesi is the fastest to pounce on the "second ball" coming out of a corner and with a perfect lob on the fly beats Mandorino (1-0).

Five minutes later the guest number one is overcome by opposing a conclusion from Tommasini's limit. At 42 'Real Meda draws: Soncini loses the ball to the limit and Virginia La Mantia, first moves Noakes who crosses perfectly with the right and with the help of the pole makes the 1-1 with which you go to rest. On the return Parma becomes immediately dangerous with Vasirani, but his right is deflected for a corner by Mandorino. At 13 'st again a danger in restart for the Gialloblù: Ravanetti stretches Marcella La Mantia to the limit thrown at the net (yellow card): on the subsequent punishment Porro sends high. At 22 'st, however, Scaffardi finds the "seven" on a free kick from 30 meters and brings forward his (2-1).

Parma, also thanks to the tiredness of a game played at a good pace - especially nWhatsApp Image 2020-02-09 at 08.43.22 in the second half - and with a significant competitive content, lowers the center of gravity trying to make itself dangerous on the counterattack. The crossbar saved the Gialloblù on Ribandeira's close conclusion and, a little later, Soncini saved a weak right from Marcella Lamantia on the line. At 35 'st Gennari touches the post on a perfect corner of Linzalata. In the last 10 minutes the teams get a little longer and the large crowd of the Walnut attends a really throbbing match: Parma seems to have to suffer to the end but at 48 'st a splendid Tommasini asks and gets triangle from Campanini inside the area opponent and, after seating Cammarota signs his twentieth goal of the season which is the definitive 3-1 that starts the yellow-blue party and the scorn and burning of noisy opponents supporters. The weekend then ended with the good news coming from Gallarate where the leaders Azalee was unexpectedly forced on the inside (1-1) by the Vittuone (fourth last) which allowed the Crusades to get even closer to the top ( -2, but with one more race).

Markers: 32 ′ Fontanesi, 41 ′ Noakes, 22 ′ st Scaffardi, 48 ′ st Tommasini

PARMA - Radishes; Naummi, Soncini (37 'st Boschi); Robuschi, Scaffardi, Gennari; Miani (26 'st Campanini), Linzalata, Tommasini, Fontanesi (Cap), Vasirani. All. Dellapina
Available: 15. Terzoni, 16. Zolesi

REAL MEDA - Mandorino; Uboldi (33 'st Anastasio), Venturi; Rivandeira, Cammarota, Ruggiero; Calati (36 'st Piolanti), Porro (Cap), M. La Mantia, V. La Mantia, Noakes. All De Candia
Available: 12. Barzaghi; 13. Room

Referee: Mr. Tolentino of the AIA Section of Parma

Ammonite: Gennari, Soncini, Ravanetti; Porro, Cammarota (RM)

Recovery: 2 '+ 3'

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