Wednesday, January 16 2019
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Sassuolo (3-5-2): THALMANN; PETTENUZZO, MC SORLEY, GIATRAS; GIURGIU, TOMASELLI, PONDINI, DALESZCZYK, WILSON (from the 6 'ST CAMBIAGHI); IANNELLA, FERRATO (from 47 'ST OLIVIERO). All. Gianpiero Piovani. Available: Tasselli, Bursi, Oliviero, Brognoli, Tudisco, Cambiaghi, Faragò.

Atalanta Mozzanica (4-3-1-2): Lemey; LAZZARI, VITALE, RIZZON, ZANOLI (from 6 'ST JORDAN); COLOMBO, SCARPELLINI (from 38 'st PIACEZZI), RE; weary; MARTINOVIC, CACCAMO (from 23 'ST PELLEGRINELLI). All. Michele Ardito. Available: Salvi, Jordan, Fusar Poli, Piacezzi, Ghisi, Pellegrinelli, Anghileri.

Referee: Ivan Catallo of Frosinone; assistants: Songia di Bra and Marchetti di Trento.

Score: Sunny day. Field in good condition. Present about 200 spectators. 2 '+ 3' recovery. Ammonita: Rizzon (A) at 32 'pt

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