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STARS FOR SPORTS - 13 SEPTEMBER 2008 - SAN MARCELLINO CENTER - FLORENCE The proceeds will be entirely donated to the creation of a playground for disabled children, to be placed in a public area of ​​the City of Florence. The theme of the Architectural Barriers is also very felt in our Florence, for this reason, with a lot of sensitivity towards the problem, we constantly try to create meeting points between disabled and non-disabled people, so as to discuss them and find suitable solutions. With the event of the 13 September, the Ass. The Constellation, through various sports, will give the opportunity to many people to know the multiple abilities of the disabled, their integration and the demolition of barriers of a type, not only architectural, but also social. In fact, sport is a discipline where we all set ourselves objectives and through our bodies we measure the abilities of each one of us. For the disabled, sport represents all this, but also the possibility of socializing and being present in the places of leisure and entertainment in which we all move. The WaterBasket's intervention on the day of the 13 will be particularly significant

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INDIFFERENCE AND NEXT ALL Evaluations will be issued at the appropriate time. In a world where moral values ​​are good memories of the past, I base my sporting and personal existence on the "word". After this strong "protest" continues on its own path, with its principles that have accompanied us for all these 10 years. Thank you all for your support. We will try to satisfy you with the utmost commitment. I hope, before the start of the championships to give you two sensational news for ALL FEMALE FOOTBALL.

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COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE A PRIORITY NOT ONLY FOR THE CURRENT DIVISION! .. CRITICAL AND 'EASY ... The event of Canosa di Puglia will be held 11 September 2008 and not 11 OCTOBER 2008 as communicated incorrectly and carelessly by press officers of another source of information. You pass on the typing errors and the lack of control of the press releases, but not on these large offenses so as not to frustrate important opportunities for visibility. 8)

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Ronaldinho in love with a soccer player The Brazilian playmaker during the Olympics would fall in love with his colleague Johanna Almgren. So much to ask her to marry her. The answer, despite a thousand problems of incommunicability: "no, thank you" Almgren: "I have my Adam waiting for me at home, even though they had to calm him down after I told him about the meeting with the Brazilians". Almgren herself told the story: "We were in line for autographs. Ronaldinho ignored all the Chinese and came towards me, he looked me straight in the eye, took my hand and kissed her. I almost died. "In the picture: Johanna Almgren (source" Gazzetta dello Sport ")



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