Thursday, January 12th
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Every Friday? from 20 to 20.30 on LA7 DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL gor? the synthesis of a match is aired. This Friday? ? the vault of Milan vs Torres with related interviews and services. Do not miss this beautiful initiative to which they have joined for now, Bardolino, Fiammamonza, Tavagnacco and Torres .. waiting for the other companies too? take part, you can see the replies on Saturday at 12.00 and then at 16.00. <a href="/video/panico/video.asp"> Clikka qu? to see the interview with Patrizia Panico on Rete4 Mediaset. </a>

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What will you play? tomorrow afternoon at the Casellina field with a whistle beginning at 15 will be? an unprecedented match. For the first time in a Figc debutant championship (years 94-95-96) two completely female teams will face each other. Will the home team be? that of the Casellina, which has for a few months set up a women's soccer school and this is the first time that a company has been men's football has opened a nursery dedicated to women. Will the visiting team be? the beginners training of the ACF Firenze, whose first team plays in Serie A, newly promoted, with the name of the main sponsor Il Gioiello of Florence and which has a youth sector formed by four teams and about a hundred athletes.

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The voting of the players is about to begin. strong uniforms by role. Voting will form the TOP 11. The most voted will go to make up the ideal formation. This initiative starts with the teams of the Serie A teams but the intention? to extend it to all leagues, including regional championships. The difficulty is in finding the organic (SURNAME, NAME, ROLE, TEAM). To achieve this goal and to give equal space to all we need collaborations. Who ? interested.. THE VOTES OF THE STRONGEST SERIES A SCREENERS ARE OPEN

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Beautiful success marted? 24 at the Supercinema di Venaria for the evening of official presentation of the documentary-reality "The scent of the green lawn" realized by the director Giorgio Gambino on the ACF Torino. Guests very welcome the grenade player Roberto Muzzi, the former Claudio Sclosa today attorney in the entourage of Beppe Bonetto and the referee Giorgio Lops, son of art and gi? at the 4 odds in Serie A men. Present the mayor of Venaria, Nicola Pollari and the Councilor for Sports, Mrs. Valeria Galliano, promoter of the evening included in the program "Venariainsport" for a month presented activities? sports, cultural and competitive throughout the city. The first episode was shown, which illustrates the life of the players before, during and after a competition, with images related to the Italy Women's Cup and the second episode, relating to the pre-season and the first day of the A1 series in Reggio Emilia. The first episode also? entered in competition in Milan at "Sport Movies & TV 2006" 24? International Ficts Festival, receiving a nomination.



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