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COVERCIANO ESALTA WWW.ALLENATORE.NET ..... AND VICEVERSA ... Bonacini: we are extremely satisfied ... thanks to all the participants, all extremely motivated ... and that these initiatives also serve to make women's football grow professionally and in credibility ... the athletes deserve it. On Saturday and Sunday (14 / 15 July), the stage organized by took place in the Technical Center of Coverciano, which finally included female football players. The seminar, focused on pre-season training, saw the participation of more than 160 technicians from all over Italy (some arrived from a long distance already on the Tuscan territory from the previous day). Among speakers and guests, there is a remarkable presence of personalities belonging to the world of amateurs and professionals as well as technicians of first-rate youth sectors such as Empoli, Chievo, Modena etc. The photos of the stage

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TORINO CAMPIONE D'ITALIA, FLORENCE IS NOT THERE! THE COMMUNICATION OF THE SPORTS JUDGE ASSIGNES THE ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP SPRING IN TURIN. FLORENCE IS NOT ABOUT US AND PRESENTS THE COMPLAINT AGAINST. We just have to wait for the end of this nightmare .. the spring championship who will win it ??? We do not stand up to kicking any part of us, we report only the news and we understand the discomfort of all the players who participated in this tournament. It's a scandalous thing, this whole tournament was outrageous! Let's wait, let's wait ... until June 2008!

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The new president of the Turin Women's Football is the Honorable Roberto Salerno Presented this morning at 12, at the Jolly Hotel Ambassadors in Turin, the new president of the Torino Calcio Femminile, the Honorable Roberto Salerno. After 26 years at the head of the historic team grenade, Cosimo Bersano leaves the command post at the end of the best season in Turin, at least from the point of view of results. The decision was taken on Friday evening, with the resignation of the old board and the signature of the new one, which simultaneously elected its president. These are the statements of the newly elected president of Salerno at the press conference: "A test of trust has been requested, so that around me there is an operational board that knows how to combine the values ​​of sport, social and passion. Ferdinando Bozzi will be the general manager, and as regards the technical side the new sporting director will be Cosimo Bersano, while on the bench a technician is confirmed that I consider quite extraordinary: I have seen a few so ardently passionate like Giancarlo Padovan ". Also on the objectives, the new president has clear ideas: "I intend to make the Torino Calcio Femminile great. And I intend to make it big with clear, precise and serious ideas. The dictates will be those of weighting, and economic balance. Starting from the base of the practitioners, given that Italian women's football sees one tenth of the members compared to the foreigner, following the example of countries such as France and Germany, to be inspired by the model of those like Canada or the Anglo-Saxon ones ".

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CAROLINA PINI at BAYERN MONACO AFTER LUCA TONI THE BAYERN MONACO IS REINFORCED WITH CAROLINA PINI The young midfielder (1988) of the Aglian and the national team has signed the transfer to the famous German company. Pini will be the first Italian player to play in the Bundesliga, the World Champions League. From July 27 Carolina will be in a foreign land at the disposal of the new company for pre-season training. Carolina Pini made her debut in Serie A with Agliana in the 2003-04 championship (15 years). Captain of the national under19 with 29 presence and 5 goal, and 2 appearances in the National team and a goal. A serious, shy and professional girl, she was able to match sport studies with excellent results. Always available for promotional initiatives for women's football and for charitable purposes Carolina has shown to have the maturity, humility and intelligence to represent the young Italian soccer players in Italy and now also abroad. A life experience that, in our opinion, Carolina chose to do in the best moment of his youth and that will certainly strengthen even more his character and sporting charisma. wishes to Carolina an exciting season full of good experiences. We went to interview her before she left .. by Walter Pettinati

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"CAROLINA" IS THE TITLE OF THE SONG DEDICATED BY THE NEW CEDRINI TO CAROLINA MORACE Tuesday 26 June there was the first day of "shooting" for the filming of the video "Carolina". At the Bentegodi, finally, the first real meeting between Cedrini and their inspiring muse, the beautiful Carolina Morace. The emotion was palpable (only that ...), but slowly the sympathy between the group and the champion has emerged clearly in an unforgettable sunny day spent on the blades of the glorious Veronese stadium. In detail, the lyrics of the song taken from the latest album of the New Cedrini "A heart in pieces" .. Video of the filming transmitted to the Tg on Telenovo

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MORE THAN FIFTY GIRLS PRESENT AT THE NEW ENTRY STAGE The new entry stage organized by Atalanta Femminile on Sunday was a success. More than fifty girls were presented at the Presezzo sports field, from a maximum of fourteen up to a minimum of nine years: shortly the selection of the players (about thirty) will be made that next year will start to make matches of the sector young Nerazzurri, waiting to know the structure of the various teams in the next season. From morning to late afternoon there was a series of partisans that featured four mixed teams with the girls participating in the stage. In the end, friendly match between Atalanta and his Primavera team. All in the framework of the 2 ° "Memorial Patrizia Gualdi".

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PRESENTED SUPERPROGETTO FOR THE FUTURE AND THE NEW TECHNICIAN OF THE FIRST SQUDRA The Acf Il Gioiello looks to the future. The project to widen the Florentine reality of women's football was presented today in Palazzo Vecchio. The introduction was edited by the councilor for sport of the Municipality of Florence Eugenio Giani: "Il Gioiello - he said - is a sports model to follow for Florence. It represents a healthy reality, made mostly by local athletes and is one of the few that involves, like the Rugby Giunti, an all-Florentine sponsor ". Then Francesco Ciolli took the floor, now responsible for the technical area of ​​the company. "We have created a new company, with a new name and a new president. And this company will incorporate the Acf Gioiello. The field of play will be that of San Marcellino and will participate in the regional series championship D. In this way even the youngest girls who can not find an outlet in the first team will be able to play a regional championship. In the picture: Mister Alessandro Cosi



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