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FOOTBALL GIRL, THE REPLICA SATURDAY TO THE 18.30 ON RAI SPORT MORE Who had missed the first episode of the new magazine dedicated to Women's Football, 'Football Girl', and did not even have access to an internet connection (since the episodes will be, after airing on television, visible in streaming on the site www.raisport, can tune in tomorrow 3 on Saturday, at 18.30, on Rai Sport Più. Tomorrow's reply is related to the first episode, which was broadcast on Thursday 25 March. The magazine, from next April 14, will be broadcast on Wednesday morning (9,15 hours) and from the same day will be, as written, visible on the web streaming on Rai Sport website. FOOTBALL GIRL - calendar (9,15 hours) Thursday 25 March 2010 - broadcast, visible on the website, tv replies Saturday 3 April 18,30 hours Wednesday 14 April 2010 Wednesday 21 April 2010 Wednesday 28 April 2010 Wednesday 5 May 2010 Wednesday 12 May 2010 Wednesday 19 May 2010 Wednesday 16 June 2010 Sincerely Andrea Polidori Press Office Division Women's Soccer Course of Italy 35 / b - 00198 Rome Tel. 06.85213452 / 338.9581431
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