Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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PRESIDENTS REFLECT, TAKE TIME! Dear Presidents, by now you are all aware that the President of the Division in charge Prof. Levati will not be a candidate in the next elections. His forfeit was in the air but to communicate it only a few weeks before the elections, he marveled even his closest and most trusted collaborators. The thing that most amazed me, certainly not me, is that some of his have joined the group Padovan instantly ... unbeknownst to others! Months ago I dissociated myself from the Padovan group and I did not give up on my ideals, I gave my all to organize an alternative, strong, competent and altruistic candidacy. I involved important names like NEVIO SCALA, LUIS GALLO, GEN. LAURETANO, PATRIZIO OLIVA and many people who have been in the movement for many years. In a few days we received many consents from the many companies incredulous for what happened, for the betrayals, the promises kept and not kept, the few seats available for too many people. Many felt "betrayed" by this union because they were excluded from playing games. Some of these people have given a lot to women's football. One of these is Mr. Sante Zaza (organizer of the Italy Women's Cup) now collaborator of this new team in the process of definition and development. My intent, as you well know, is to offer the movement a dream team while remaining inflexible on my ideological principles. With this appeal I am not asking for delegations or votes but to think carefully ... with serenity! .. are here to ask you to give the women's football the opportunity to organize Voting democratic, with at least one other alternative. We want a week to formalize our candidacy, introduce all our collaborators and above all the program that sets out important innovations and concrete objectives. If necessary we will ask the postponement of the elections to remove doubts, uncertainties, confusion to who will decide the future of the movement! with observance Walter Pettinati
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Journalistic newspaper registered with the Court of Florence, n. 6032 of the 15 Settembre 2016, with director Giancarlo Padovan.


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