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Tuesday 2 December at 18 will be inaugurated the headquarters of the Club Venaria Granata which is located in via Leonardo da Vinci 50 in Venaria in the shopping center I arcades on the first floor and on the occasion there will be the naming of Vittorio Pozzo, the unforgettable and unique coach who managed to win twice the World Championship and who played for five seasons with the grenade jersey. It will be a rich evening with the participation of the girls of Torino Calcio with the president Roberto Salerno and the management. Club president Lorenzo Carrus has done more. There will be a particular philatelic cancellation of Poste Italiane and an exhibition of memorabilia by Vittorio Pozzo, as well as numerous rare and distinctive grenades. The humorist and designer Carlo Sterpone will propose a small show of caricatures in a grenade key. The event will culminate at 20 with the dinner that will be held at the restaurant Mangia and drink in Corso Garibaldi in Venaria and there will be known and lesser known faces of the football world. Among all the Torino Calcio players will be the first team like Corini, Abbruscato and Vaillati, former football players, Vittorio Pozzo's nephew, Riccardo Ferri, Eraldo Pecci, Franco Ossola, Carla Maroso, Fernanda Buscaglia (daughter of Buscaglia, great player of Toro) years 30 ') Italo Mosso and journalists as numerous authorities. It will be a party to binge Grenade! Turin, 24 November 2008 THE PRESS OFFICE Alma BRUNETTO
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