Tuesday, January 21 2020
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The shirt No fair - No play in the field with the girls of the Oratory Trani

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In the next season the training will show on their shirts, instead of the logo of a sponsor, the ethical brand of No Fair No Play, onlus dedicated to children The shirt No fair - No play in the field with the girls of the Oratory Trani Where the passion flies, that is .. All I need to know I learned it at the oratory! There is a specific point in the universe of the ball where the big bang takes place: the oratory pitch. The story seems to start right there. A flat expanse, often of cement, emptiness, silence, then, somehow, a whirring of wings, a clamor of children that whistles at the beginning of the seasons and the evolution of the species .... An explosion of energy and the miracle is accomplished: the joy of little thoughts that live inside running legs, of the passion that makes dreams fly high, of the unexploded power of hearts that seek their own playground. Thousands of balloons bounce for many years, the cement becomes grass and life catches you and takes you away ... but it's nice to keep smiling at that 'particle of God' that is above a rolling ball. Or at least try to do it. Like No Fair No Play, like the girls of the Oratory of Trani, Parish of St. Joseph. A glorious past, a story like many others, a result of excellence. From the passion of a group of friends born the first parish formations, many efforts, some sacrifices (many, even economic, but you know the money is like hair: if you have them better, if you do not have them, do without ...) and then the leap in quality and the FIGC series C championship, but, like the first day, the 'girls of the oratory' continue to take the field with the desire to have fun. Maybe faces and names have changed over the years, while the training grew in rank and the larger companions were moving towards their lives and gave way to newcomers, but the spirit is the same and flies high. Because here football is not just football but, as President Paolo Lomolino underlines, the challenge of an extraordinary combination of sport, education and community. It seems that his girls have learned the lesson, they went to the Discipline Cup and the Loyalty Award in Sport, a well-deserved recognition of the commitment that for years the leadership places in the enhancement of sport but also in the attention to the growth of young people . In the next season, the training will show on their shirts, instead of the logo of a sponsor, the ethical brand of No Fair No Play, a non-profit organization dedicated to children who has been telling a story of passion and friendship for years on football pitches throughout Italy. of loyalty and commitment. Luciano Capponi, president of the Ethics Committee welcomed their request and sent them the new football outfits with the wish of a championship under the banner of ... that particle of God that, as assures smiling, knows how to live in the ball with incomparable spirit . 'If then that ball - adds with malevolent irony - will roll in the Scudetto area, even better, right?'. [Img] http://www.calciodonne.it/public/upload/1458244682/IlPresidente_2.JPG [/ img]
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