Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Football at 5 for Stefano Borgonovo

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Football at 5 for Stefano Borgonovo I'm the President of Real BXXX C5, a football club at 5 FIGC that plays in the series D series gir. D Lombard. From this year we count among our members Marco Borgonovo, Stefano's brother, former player of AC Milan and of the National team. You probably already know what I'm talking about, however Stefano has been ill for about a year and a half ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis); recently he gave an interview to SKY and his message struck everyone emotionally, to the point of being taken up by several newspapers and by having pushed several companies to organize fundraisers for football matches of different series or specially organized events. The 8 October pv a football match will be played in Florence, between Fiorentina and Milan, in favor of the newly founded Stefano Borgonovo non-profit organization and last Sunday, Como has donated the proceeds of the championship match between Como and Canavese to the foundation. The foundation was designed to help those with ALS and, in particular, to encourage care research. Immediately after the interview by Stefano, his brother Marco asked me, with all the humility that distinguishes him, if I and the company could help him to do something to finance the foundation of Stefano. Marco asked something I had already talked to with my closest collaborator, Vice President Alessio Villa and with whom I had already found an agreement on what to do. EVENT ORGANIZATION: We are currently organizing an event for the 12 October 2008 at the Sports Palace of Monza, already granted under the patronage of the City of Monza, an event that will involve, in a football exhibition at 5, ten teams of football schools as many sports clubs in the Monzese area and in the Bergamo area (in different age ranges from 1994 to 2002) and three 5 football teams linked to the Borgonovo family (Selecao C5 of Sesto San Giovanni, Real Biassono C5 and a third composed of former football players of series A contacted by Stefano). Reasoning in the concrete we have concluded that in order to have a return in terms of accessions and presences during the event, it is not enough the purpose of the project or the nice presence of many children but it takes something more and, in particular, a promotional campaign that makes know the event. As a sports club we have posted a message on the national forum and we have had several subscriptions, both as a sporting and financial participation. On the steps will be present the Como fans who have always been in love with Stefano and representatives of the participating sports clubs. There have also been subscriptions by individuals linked to football at 5 or otherwise available to lend a hand for the success of the event. The football schools and clubs with youth teams that have confirmed their participation (we will have to evaluate which categories they will present) are: Visnova di Giussano (football school run by Stefano Borgonovo and Marco Barollo, which would be present with 2 youth teams), Selecao C5 of Sesto SG (which boasts a football school for 5 and participates with a team of children and the major one that plays in C2 football series at 5), Tritium 1908 of Trezzo sull'Adda (which would be present with 2 youth teams and , with the authorization of the families of the children trained by Paolino Pulici, head of the football school, also with a formation of 2001 / 2002 class children), Metropolis Futsal Bergamo (1 youth sector team), Rho Calcio in 5 (1 youth sector team ), ASD Milan Meneghina (1 youth sector team) ASD Meyland Milan 5 Football (1 youth sector team), asd Paderno Dugnano (1 youth team) and finally Real Biassono C5 as with the team that plays in the D series of football at 5. The event will be organized between 10.00 hours and 18.00 hours approximately, with twenty meetings between the boys and children of football schools and a mini-tournament between the three major football teams at 5 (as per the attached program sent to the Municipality of Monza) . Promotion of the event: we have provided - through the sports clubs close to us - a leafleting service (about 20.000) at the elementary and middle schools of Brianza and in the Bergamo-Trezzo sull'Adda area and at the shops that will be available. In Monza and Bergamo, Como and hinterland will be posted 1.000 wall posters. Next week (the one between the 29 September and the 4 October) will be called a press conference at the City of Monza by the vice mayor of Monza dott. Dario Allevi, in order to have the maximum media coverage and, with the help of the newspapers in the area, we would like to publicize the event as much as possible. In order to have a positive result and a concrete return from an economic point of view, we will need participation from all those who feel they are contributing. This presentation of mine is intended to ask your participation for the best outcome of the event. Best regards Antonio Corrias Bellusco, 24 September 2008.
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