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STARS FOR SPORTS - 13 SEPTEMBER 2008 - SAN MARCELLINO CENTER - FLORENCE The proceeds will be entirely donated to the creation of a playground for disabled children, to be placed in a public area of ​​the City of Florence. The theme of the Architectural Barriers is also very felt in our Florence, for this reason, with a lot of sensitivity towards the problem, we constantly try to create meeting points between disabled and non-disabled people, so as to discuss them and find suitable solutions. With the event of the 13 September, the Ass. The Constellation, through various sports, will give the opportunity to many people to know the multiple abilities of the disabled, their integration and the demolition of barriers of a type, not only architectural, but also social. In fact, sport is a discipline where we all set ourselves objectives and through our bodies we measure the abilities of each one of us. For the disabled, sport represents all this, but also the possibility of socializing and being present in the places of leisure and entertainment in which we all move. Particularly significant will be the intervention of the WaterBasket to the day of the 13 In fact, the Association, will present the appropriate floating buoyancy vessels, patented according to the needs of the disabled, so that it can move in the water with equal opportunities of the able-bodied. During the day, outside the match time, it will be possible for the public to try these corsages so as to test the above features. To help us in the collection will also be the admirable participation in the ACF & Giglio football with the women's soccer tournament and, again, the match of the Florence Basket against La Spezia Basket. These important Sports Associations, have shown a strong solidarity in the fight against Architectural Barriers and right through Sport, it is hoped to involve and instill trust also to many young people, especially in adolescence, period in which, the problem of disability is much more felt . To conclude the sport day, just under the banner of being together and having fun socializing, will be set up a dinner where, volunteering, will seat around a hundred people offering them typical and genuine products, emphasizing the importance of sports nutrition and problems linked to anorexia, a topic addressed primarily by the SS. Conversando, to which everyone can turn to get more information. To accompany the whole there will also be a stage full of music, dance and fun. The collection made with the whole day will allow the Ass. The Constellation, to create a playground specifically designed for disabled children to be located in the Florentine public area. For the disabled people who want to reach the building and participate in the event, special means will be made available upon reservation. For information SPORTS STARS - 13 SEPTEMBER 2008 - SAN MARCELLINO POLISPORT CENTER - FLORENCE Curated by La Constellation - Cultural association in favor of the demolition of architectural barriers Event sponsored by the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscany Region PROGRAM OF THE DAY 13 SEPTEMBER - via Chiantigiana, 28 - Florence (1 Km from Exit A1 - Florence South) 15.00 Hours: Opening Hours 15.30: Women's football match by ACF IL GIOIELLO FIRENZE & GIGLIO FOOTBALL 17.00 hours: Basketball game in the pool BY WATERBASKET IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE MATCH, IT WILL BE POSSIBLE FOR THE PUBLIC TO TRY THE CORPECTS IN VARIABLE FLOATING PATENTED BY THE ASSOCIATION AND TEST THEM DIRECTLY BY PLAYING IN WATER 18.30 Hours: FLORENCE BASKET VS LA SPEZIA BASKET 20.30 Hours: DINNER UNDER THE STARS, by reservation by Wednesday 10 September at 3395312134 or for ACF and GIGLIO Contact: Orlandi, Manola, Ciolli, Scheggi, Magn i, Moretti 21.30 Hours: Grand finale dance Entry to all games, 5 euro Admission to dinner and show + games, euro 25 For the disabled who want to reach the building and participate in the event, special means will be made available on reservation . [Img] [/ img]
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