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Tuesday 9 will be presented the Primavera team The competitive season comes alive. The formation of Serie A coached by Giorgio TONINO faces tomorrow at the 15 away the white-blue Como 2000, for the first game of the Italian Cup. Monday 8 at 16 the appointment is at the Don Mosso field in via San Marchese 25 in Venaria, where the first lesson of the Football School will be held which will see the teacher Sara PICCO busy until June. Twice a week on Mondays from 16 to 17 and on Saturday from 14 to 15 the first rudiments of football will be taught and registrations are still open. Tuesday 9 at 17,30 always at the field of Venaria there will be the official presentation of the Primavera team formed by 23 players and on the occasion there will be the debut of the new coach Giuseppe FERRO GAREL. The 1957 class technician has a past in the Turin youth academy and among the Piedmontese semiprums. The girls will know their new Mister with the first training from 18 to 19,30. At the end there will be an opportunity for a welcome toast with the families. The first field task should be at the end of September, while the training sessions will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 19,30 to 21. The grenades of President Roberto SALERNO have not yet answered all the calls. Missing youth formations will have their baptism of the field in the coming days. PRESS OFFICE Alma BRUNETTO
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