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The words of the president of Torino Calcio Femminile Roberto SALERNO visiting the gravestone of the Grande Torino The first team and the Primavera della Torino Calcio Femminile met this morning, in front of the plaque commemorating the tragedy of the 4 May 1949 grenade, for a small celebratory moment. The ceremony was attended by the president Roberto SALERNO, the entire management and the technical staff, the supervisor Sergio VATTA, Carla MAROSO widow of Virgilio, the daughter of Pietro Buscaglia, Lorenzo CARRUS in charge of the Museo del Grande Torino. After having laid flowers on the monument, Lorenzo CARRUS took the floor and briefly went through the history of the champions until that fateful day in May. The widow of MAROSO greeted the girls and suggested "Biting the grass" as PIANELLI said. The legendary coach Sergio VATTA ... ... recalled moments of sporting character and stressed that the Turin of the 1949 was the greatest team of all time and has practiced a football of the future, ahead at least thirty years. And one of the time coaches said that "they were strong players because they fit training like children". President SALERNO focused on the values ​​of sport "We are always on the run and never reflect on our past and live in a world full of frivolity. All of this leads us to be without identity. In reality each of us has his own individual identity that is at the service of a common identity, be it human or sporting. The Turin - concluded SALERNO - is a place of sport, seriousness and style that starts from the team to which we pay homage and the whole world must be grenade ". Captain Simona SODINI has read, as usual, the names of the missing athletes. The morning ended with a religious service celebrated by the Rector of the Basilica of Superga. Turin, 30 August 2008 The Press Office Alma Brunetto [img] http://www.calciodonne.it/public/upload/users/458305717/458305717/SUPERGATORO.jpg [/ img]
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