Sunday, 26 January 2020
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OPENS THE MARKET AND THE BARDOLINO CALA IL "POKER" Officially opens the summer market and Bardolino immediately inaugurates the "dances" with 4 hits and 4 valid sales. After this phenomenal season, Bardolino seems to have very clear ideas for the next year: win, win and still win. After the dream Uefa (interrupted by the Frankfurt in the semifinals), the achievement of the Italian Cup final (won by Torres) and the conquest of the third championship, this year the Veronese team will certainly try to repeat the year 2007 / 2008, obviously trying to retouch the results achieved and trying to raise a few trophies in the sky. The names of the possible yellow-blue purchases that have now become reality have been in the air for a long time. On Lake Garda the young Parisi (18 years, midfielder of Trento) and a high-level trio coming from Fiammamonza land: Schiavi (26 years, defender), D'Adda (27 years, defender) and Paliotti (29 years, midfielder). Certainly thick grafts, since all four have already dressed the national team's shirt several times and the same Parisi is now engaged in the French European under 19. Obviously there are those who arrive and some are leaving. In fact, they leave the yellow-blue tunic: Manieri (22 years, defender), Vicchiarello (22 years, striker), Mencaccini (21 years, midfielder) and Magrini (23 years, defender) who will certainly have no difficulty finding a team for the next season, since they are all good players. Bardolino, however, seems to have not yet completed its prestigious shopping campaign. There is talk of a "certain" Christensen, Brondby striker, who against the Veronese scored the winning goal in the Bentegodi race and now seems very close to reaching the girls of Mr. Longega in that of Calmasino. We will see how it will continue this summer and how the other clubs will move to try to limit the gap that the Veronese team is putting between her and her Italian opponents. That the "challenge" to market hits begins ... Mario Villa
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