Lazio feminine triangular to rebibbia

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LAZIO A REBIBBIA FOR SOLIDARITY Archived the beautiful promotion in A2 series and before breaking the lines for the well-deserved holidays, the girls of the SS Lazio Calcio Femminile will greet the inmates and officers of the Penitentiary Police of the Rebibbia District House in Rome. To this end, a triangular football club was organized, which will be on Wednesday 11 June 2008 at 13 at one of the camps within the same Rebibbia District House (Via Raffaele Majetti No. 70), directed by dr. Carmelo Cantone. For the first time in history, therefore, a women's soccer team will have the opportunity to play in Rebibbia against a representative of prisoners and another of the Penitentiary Police. "This is - explained the president of the SS Lazio Calcio Femminile. Elisabetta Cortani - a further piece of our Aquilotte Project that is realized". Many figures from the world of sport, entertainment and politics will join this initiative linked to solidarity and that, among other things, it will be sponsored by the Sports Commission of the Municipality of Rome, the Department of Social Services and Sports of the Lazio Region and the Lazio Regional Committee of the FIGC. For information: SS Lazio Women's Football - Via di Poggio Verde n. 455 - Rome - Telefax: 06 4970270 Press Office - Anna Tina Mirra 335 5388584
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