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DO YOU WANNA PLAY FOOTBALL? WE WAIT FOR PRESEZZO Atalanta at the end of the season, as usual, organizes an event during which invites all the girls who play soccer in the men's championships throughout the province. Clearly the young athletes concerned must have the ambition, once they have completed the twelfth year of age, to be able to be included in the staff. The female Atalanta, in addition to presenting a militant formation in Serie A, includes three other teams (for a total of more than eighty athletes from 12 years onwards from Bergamo and neighboring cities) that make up the youth sector and participate in regional championships at 11 affiliated to the FIGC. The president of Atalanta Michele Maraglino illustrates the program. "This year the event will take place on Saturday 14 June at the sports center of Presezzo. The event is supported by the same municipality, with the Mayor and the councilor for sport and the President of the multi-sports club; the same, in the company of a series of collaborators, help in logistics management. The start time of the event is scheduled for 14.00 hours and will last until 20.00 hours with the possibility of a small refreshment for all participants. For the occasion, a poster will be printed in various formats, depicting the program of the day and the event, on which all the names of our supporters will appear. Copies will be distributed in over 10.000 throughout the province. The youth manager Giacomo Mangili, assisted by good collaborators, during the competitive season view these girls following them in their belonging companies, distributed throughout the province, selecting the most courses to this type of sport and then inviting them to the annual event organized in their favor. The event, organized under the patronage of the Sport Sport Amateur Bergamaschi Association, will also be publicized on the website of Atalanta (www.atalantafemminile.com) as well as by local newspapers. Both television and printed media will be invited; in addition, the President of the Women's Football Division, Natalina Ceraso Levati, the Mayor of Bergamo and Presezzo together with the councilors for sport, The Parish Priest of Presezzo, The President of the association "AIDO" and other personalities ". During the day of the 14 June it was also organized the 3 ° football trophy Patrizia Gualdi. Luciano Bachetti
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