FESTAMICA, you are all invited to Mozzanica

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The Asd Mozzanica against the national tv and sports artists in favor of solidarity A charitable initiative. So much fun for a day of sport and solidarity ... we are waiting for you!
Festamica was founded with the aim of raising funds for the purchase of a vehicle used for transport services, called "AmicoTaxi". AmicoTaxi is a service dedicated to the elderly and the disabled in Mozzanica and neighboring countries. AmicoTaxi aims to help families in the area who need a real support for travel for medical care and for the needs of primary importance. The Mayor of Mozzanica Mr. Massimo Alloni invites everyone to "FESTAMICA" and ... THE EXTENSION OF THE NEW MUNICIPAL SPORTS CENTER The extension works of the Municipal Sports Center have seen, to date, the creation of two new illuminated soccer fields and related changing rooms. The new sports center will give the Citizens of Mozzanica new opportunities to play sports together, but will above all be a place for recreation and socializing for everyone. Sports practice is one of the best ways to grow as citizens and as people: municipal sports facilities are proposed as a point of social integration between the new residents and the original inhabitants of Mozzanica. The 24 May Fest will be characterized by Sport, Entertainment, and Solidarity, elements that will accompany the event throughout the day and for future editions. A heartfelt thanks to the sponsors and ... see you at the Festamica! Mayor Massimo Alloni PROGRAM OF THE DAY LEADS GIANNI CACCIAMATTA Start Festamica! The Band of Mozzanica will open the event starting from Piazza Locatelli heading towards the Municipal Sports Center and will introduce us to this unforgettable day of solidarity and fun. At the Sports Center, the football challenge between the champions of the ATALANTA series A and the representative of the football teams of Mozzanica (15 hours). A friendly not to be missed! The NATIONAL ARTISTS TV AND STARS OF SPORT against the women's soccer team ASD Mozzanica will perform in a match that promises entertainment and fun! (17.30 hours) The evening will continue at the Sports Center's refreshment point with the best live music. (21.30 hours) The kitchen, managed by the Alpine Group of Mozzanica, will remain open until late
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