Reality for promotion and visibility? of female football

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Following in the footsteps of the initiative Calci & Carezze which is having a great success in Puglia, the editors of is organizing for the next season a Reality for women's football in Tuscany. The difference with the Pugliese initiative? substantial and is in fact that I can participate in the reality more? teams and not just one. It's already? The request was also submitted to the Women's Football Division for legal aid. The purpose? disseminate regional women's football by showing off companies? women's soccer players who are interested in advertising you? for free. But let's go into details: the event that will articoler? on the next championship it is expected to join at least 4 teams of women in Tuscany. With this solution, the commitment of the participants? minor and does not "steal" space for activities? main such as training etc. A weekly shooting plus the game, so that in a month each team? so-only due to two commitments. Purpose: to highlight the organizations of companies? women's soccer and all the insiders. To introduce athletes who do football and promote women's football who want to approach through regional TV and magazines. The companies are they so officially requested to participate.
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