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pedretti valentina_grande_bn2
The friendly Under 17 was played between our azzurrine and the German ones, that 25 Aprile of 2009 at the O.Martini stadium in Castelfranco di Sotto. After shaking hands with Ct Sbardella and Rita "Nazionale" Guarino I placed myself between the two benches for the usual photographic chronicle to be exhibited on the site of Beautiful game, the quality of the young protagonists and the good game expressed, put the excellent draw in the background. In the field there were two Valentina: the number ONE, which I will try to interview soon (what number that did that goalkeeper!) And the number TRE: A long blonde tail, elegant and decisive gestures, excellent technique, pushed lightly and forcefully its band, guaranteeing an excellent tactical balance during the defensive phase, covering every attempt of an opposing action.
This is my first "meeting" with Valentina Pedretti, eighteen years old, student of accountancy and soccer player in Brescia's strength of President Cesari and column of the National Under 19. In December of the same year, the beautiful Valentina, class 1993, will be awarded as "Best Young Promise" at the Golden Girls organized at the Castelli Romani together with Casaroli, Linari and Mason. Young athletes, from the certain future, we all meet with the National Under 19 and protagonists on the fields of the Serie A Championship. After this brief presentation, let's get to know the young swallow better ... Where is your passion for football born? It 'a passion that I have since childhood, born thanks to my father (who still follows me always, and is my first fan) .Valentina, when did you start playing and where? I started at the age of 6 years in the Oratory of Vertova, my country. My first kicks at a football were with my male peers up to the age of 11, when the country team decided to join me in the 11 men's team.
And then? The following year, at the age of 12, I switched to the female Atalanta, a company that gave me so much: I won two Scudetti Primavera and I debuted in Serie A at the age of 15. With this company I won my first blue jersey.
In this season the jump in category with the call of Brescia? This year, at the age of 18, I have done what is said to be a leap in quality and have moved from Atalanta (A2 series) to Brescia: a company that aims at the top of Italian and European football, a company that can give me a lot, from a football and human point of view.
In Brescia you found athletes of great depth and professionalism, how did you find yourself with the new companions? The impact with the new environment Brescia was not difficult, I found girls who have long played at high levels, but they are all humble girls and have always helped me giving me useful advice.
Giuseppe Cesari, a president who has dedicated his life to the promotion of this sport, how did he "conquer" you? President Cesari is an extraordinary man, he is a president who really believes in the female movement, that's why we girls never miss anything, a magnificent person!
Where do you want to get with football? And above all, what would you like from football? Surely dream, like every Italian player to come one day to wear the shirt of the national team, even if it is the road is still long and hard and ... then I would like to win something important.
Let's talk about National, you who are a "old" blue ... I started with the summons in Under 17, by Mr. Sbardella, participating in the first and second phase of the European Championship, from which we are badly out; the passage from the Under 17 to the Under 19 was short, with the age, I received the convocation of Mr. Corradini for the final phase of the European Championship in Macedonia (exits to the group stage).
Last year, we won the semifinals of the European Championship that took place in Italy and the qualification for the World Under 20 Championship which will be held this year in Japan!
and the fresh of the experience in Russia for the qualification to the European Championship that unfortunately sees us excluded from the final phase, despite two beautiful victories against Russia and Scotland.
What happened against Spain? Unfortunately we did not qualify for the goal difference, but we played three big games, even the one against Spain (even if the result would say the opposite); In the first 30 minutes we had the ball of the game, and ruined all that "stupid" that penalized us in the best moment of the game. It was a cold shower and we could not overturn the fate of the meeting ... and then it went as it went ...
I believe that our players have undoubted technical qualities but are not enough to achieve the desired results. What do we miss to compete with the opponents? Undoubtedly, we Italian girls make the techniques our strength but to make the leap in quality, in the international field, we would need a more winning mentality and believe more in our abilities instead very often we ourselves do not believe in our potitudes .
A challenging championship final, with direct matches, that can still change the fate of the final victory of the championship? For us swallows will be a high-voltage championship final, the two defeats against Torres and Tavagnacco have made us lose points, but at the end they made us mature, now it's up to us to win these 5 matches because it's not written yet, we we believe until the end, then it will be the math to give its verdict!
Who is Valentina out of the field? I'm a normal girl: I study accounting and I'm in the last year; I like going out with friends and having fun like all my coetani. I do not have any particular hobby because the time I have available is not much.
Do you follow men's football? Do you have an idol? I am a Milan fan and my idol is Kaka! obviously we do not play the same role, he is my idol, I respect him both as a man and as an athlete. He is a humble, religious boy with strong moral values!
What do you expect from your future? He would like to graduate in economics and then find a job that I like and can give me a lot of satisfaction and finally form a family and obviously have children and ... attend the birth ... of professional women's football!

Our editorial office hopes that Valentina will reach her projects and realize all her dreams!

Walter Pettinati
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