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de val_aliceThe leadership of the Graphistudio Pordenone in group B of the A2 series championship, led me to interview one of the protagonists of the Friulian company that aims, from last season, to the great leap in the category. The staff includes valuable athletes, well divided between experienced players, known by all, and young people with a certain future. Choosing one of these, for an interview, would have been a difficult task, however, facilitated by the words of a mister adversary, with whom I was comparing myself to the many Italian hopefuls, who surprised and intrigued me, exclaiming: "Do you want to bet on Alice De Val ?!" ... and so I contacted the black-green blonde to get to know her better.

Alice De Val is a twenty-year-old university, gentilissisma, simple and reserved, who loves to play football and manages to combine her sporting activity with study, fun and her hobbies. In the calendar Graphistudio obscures the thirty-one days of July with elegance and charm. I congratulate him for the photo of the calendar, she thanks with simplicity and we pass to the interview. Alice, introduced to the football players, when did you start playing football? I started playing ten years, with Condor, which is the team of Azzano Decimo (Province of Pordenone) the country where I live. I had security started earlier, but my parents absolutely did not want me to play football. I tried many sports including gymnastics, swimming, tennis but no one liked me, and then, in the end they are convinced to make me try, with the certainty that sooner or later I would get tired ... but they were wrong ....
What role did you play in the early years of "footballer"? I have always done the central striker ... both with Condor and with the Pasiano with whom I played the Serie C and Serie B championships.
When did the first Victories and personal satisfactions come? With the Pasiano, we won the Serie C championship and won the promotion in Serie B and the Coppa Coppa. In that year I scored 25 networks contributing to the promotion.
Have you had experiences with the National team? I was called once, with the under 17 for an internship. Let's say it was a good experience, but I came from the Serie C championship, and in retirement I found players who had already made their debut in Serie A or who were already training with the first team and were much more prepared than me, therefore, I encountered a lot of difficulties, especially in the rhythm of play. I think the national and the dream of every player, I would like to come back one day.
deval alice2Your arrival in Pordenone? Last season and I found space in the role of external right with the module (4-2-3-1) while in this season playing outside low and sometimes band.
What brought you to change teams? Deciding to change team was not easy, I was playing for four years in Pasiano, I was very well with the whole locker room, we were very close; then we moved back from the B series to the C series ... and I decided that maybe it was time to question myself and compare myself with other realities, also to make me a little 'experience.
Is team change always an unknown quantity? One of my fears was that of not being immediately accepted by the dressing room, because between Pasiano and Pordenone there has always been a bit of rivalry (it's the derby). Instead, I was immediately welcomed well, I found excellent companions who helped me to insert me. Now I must say that I am very happy with the choice I made, here I am very happy both with the company and with the companions.
How are you finding yourself in this new task? I must say that initially it was not easy to adapt to the role of full-back, because, in short, I always did the striker, I like to score, insert into the space, which I do the limit. Then with the passage of time and the matches, I got used to it, I got '' confident '' with the new role and I still manage to attack, overlapping the band many times.
What would you like to improve on your technical / athletic skills? Well, certainly from the tactical point of view I have to try to be more disciplined (especially in the new role) and from the technical point of view, I have to improve the accuracy, both in the short exchanges and in a long throw.
New role but the vice of the goal ... remains? This season I scored four goals in the league and one in the Italian Cup against Tavagnacco. Deep down, I'm still a striker ... so, if the goal defect remains ... I do not miss the attacker!
Last season you missed the promotion, now you are in the lead with a point advantage over Sudtirol. Is it the right time? ... I prefer, do not say anything, for superstition, but I am very confident; We are a nice team, compact, now we all know each other very well and we know we can get to the top.
Do you want to say something to your classmates and to the coach? ... and to the president? I only say that now we have to be '' compact '' ... we have a great group, a strong team, we can and above all we have to believe it.
Do you have any hobbies, studies, how do you spend your free time? I am passionate about videogames and electronic games ... I like listening to music (especially before the game, because it loads me) ... and I like going out with friends and partying ... maybe when you do not play on Sundays. Study, I finished last year the scientific high school and this year I tried to enter the faculty of physiotherapy but I could not, so I decided to enroll in Motor Sciences and then try again next year Physiotherapy. The university is in Gemona del Friuli ... and as soon as the lessons are over, I have to escape to go to the training sessions and my free time is less and less.
How can you combine sport with the studio? Many times I put football before the study or school, often clashing with my parents. This year, however, with the university I find myself better because it allows me to be more autonomous, so I can easily combine football and study.
deval alice3Who is Alice De Val? There are "two" Alice ... Out of the field I am a very shy girl, especially if I am in a new situation, I tend to close, then as I gain confidence I open more and more. I am very introverted, especially when it comes to emotions. In the field comes shyness and spontaneously enter the determination and desire to fight without ever giving up!
What were the strongest emotions you felt for football? It only happened twice to cry for football: the first time when I scored the first goal against the males, and the second time when the first official match with Pordenone in the Italian Cup I scored the winning goal in the 90esimo minute. it was a liberation, because anyway when I decided to come to Pordenone I did it against everything and everyone. Why? They told me that I would never play there, that I would never have managed to conquer the place, because they were aiming for the Serie A ... so, for me, scoring that goal in the stands, in the stands, of the people who told me these things is It was really a great revenge.
What do not you like about football? When the opponents who try to provoke meet. I think that every team in the field has to play its game, and not think about provoking the opponent hoping that then play badly, because then this is no longer football.
What do you admire for women's football? In women's football there is no money in the men's, and most girls play only by passion! This, in my opinion, is the beauty of women's football: girls who play only for the pleasure of doing this sport.
Can you reveal your two most important dreams? That of the player and that of the woman? As a woman, I hope one day to be able to say that I am satisfied with who I am, what I do, I hope to realize myself and have a family. As a player, I hope to get as high as possible ... I try to give my best then what will come, I hope it will be the result of my commitment!

Your thoughts on our movement? Women's football in Italy is not promoted enough, interest and money are all in the masculine and women's football practically goes unnoticed. We should take an example from other European countries where women's teams are '' matched '' to men (see Germany, England, France, Spain) and this certainly allows to increase the whole level of movement and visibility. In America it is considered more interesting the feminine, there are even schools and universities where you study and play football and you can practice other sports. With this organization, he ensures the girls to study and also to play football. In Italy, for now, there is another mentality.
My company, for years, is doing a great job of promotion and we boast a large youth sector, flagship for the future, football and Graphistudio Pordenone.

This is Alice De Val ... you can admire it along the "Bottecchia" stadium in Pordenone ...
I thank you for your availability and I hope to achieve all the goals you have set! Thanks also to the company Graphistudio Pordenone for sharing and participation in our request.

Walter Pettinati
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