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giulian baldini

My attention rested on a young promise. Intrigued by his goals and the admiration of some of his opponents, I contacted, with the approval of his company, to know it better and present it to readers of our portal. Giulia Baldini it is a mine of surprises, the classic "model" girl next door. Despite his young age, he celebrates his eighteen years 22 March, has clear ideas and knows, like every woman, to organize, at best, his private and sporting life. Giulia appears to me as a polite girl, pretty, reserved, assertive, in love with football and her boyfriend, (they will celebrate eight months of engagement a day). Attends the 4 year of high school with profit and wants to become a physiotherapist, she is an animator and teaches catechism to children; He trains twice with his team and two training sessions take place with a team of males taking part in the "Promotion" championship and ... find the time to keep fit with the gym he keeps at home. It is a pleasure to listen to it, I can not resist and I ask.

Giulia what is football for you? "Football is something magical, it's my passion! ... it makes me happy and every time I get on the pitch it's a fantastic emotion". On the wave of this declaration, let's go and tell you that it is Giulia Baldini!
Giulia, when did you discover this passion? I started playing football from the first grade, to follow my brother Lorenzo who is two years older than me ... I was very taken by this game, every school recreation I spent in the soccer field playing.
From the school field to the soccer field? The soccer field attached to the school was also the field of my first team, it was called "POLISPORTIVA SANT'ANNA" ... I trained twice a week with males a few years older than me.
In which role did you start this experience? I started to play as goalkeeper, but not a normal goalkeeper, I was a flying goalkeeper ... the ball I pulled up and I ran behind to score and when the action ended, I immediately returned to the goal because I was much faster than the males, at that age, and I was athletic.
Up to what age did you stay with the team? I played in Sant'Anna up to the eighth grade, that is, until I was thirteen and as I grew up my role moved ever further, from defender to central midfielder and then lateral.
Then did you have to change team? Yes, with great support from my family I joined the women's football (2007) and I entered the Imola Packcenter where I stayed for three years. The first year I played a bit in Under fourteen and a bit in Under nineteen.
The first calls? In that year I received the first call of the regional representative and made my debut in A2, one month after my 14 ° birthday, it was the 2008. The following year I played a bit in Under 19 and a bit in the first team; It was the 2009 and in that same year I was reconvened in the regional team, with which we won the tournament of the regions in Cantalupa and we became Italian champions! Those who were considered the best, stayed a week longer to do an internship with the National Under 17 ... that was my first stage with the National team (I had 15anni).
When did you arrive at President Gandolfi's court? The following year, as the Packcenter had been relegated to Serie B. I played the whole year in the band with the 11 number under the coach Anna Mega; we arrived second behind the Imola who, therefore, was the only one to get into A2. After the year, Anna left and my other companions changed team too.
Change team and call in the National team? As soon as I decided to change teams, I received in September the 2010 the convening of the national Under 17 for the preparation of the Europeans at the Borghesiana in Rome.
The rest is recent history? Now I'm doing the second year as a holder in A2 with Imola. Mister Poggi has assigned me the 10 number and I am sometimes employed in the role of band and attack or playmaker.
In this season, how many goals have you scored? I made 15 goals in 17 matches ... Sometimes I happen to play in Under 19, because we are first in our group (+ 5 on the Riviera di Romagna) and we are aiming to win to access the national stages.
Your goals? The most beautiful dream is to play in the national team and get in Serie A with my team: Imola, which for me has become like a family, is a very close-knit company between managers and girls. I find myself very well and I want to keep playing and growing with them.

Are your family and your boyfriend following you? My family supports me a lot and I'm really proud to have such fantastic people by my side. Even Henry, my boyfriend does not lose a game! Sometimes my grandparents, Don Antonio and my classmates come to see me too.

About classmates, and studying? I attend the scientific high school with German and I am in the fourth year ... I have the average of the 7.5, penalized by the many commitments that I could never give up.
After high school? I will continue with the Faculty of Medicine to become a physiotherapist.

Saturday in the Parish? Every Saturday afternoon I go to the Parish where I am an animator for children from the first to the eighth grade.

This is Giulia Baldini, a "beautiful" girl who lives her life with passion and dedication and loves to play football. Before finishing this new interview, I went to ask the opinion of the coach, President Gandolfi and one of the many opponents, who I contacted and were amazed by his football qualities.

Mister Loris Poggi, third place in the championship with a young and inexperienced team, immediately behind two big big with Grifo Perugia and Siena. Where do you want to get there? "We are satisfied with the third place even if in the matches played against Siena and Perugia we arrived with some absence too .. But that's okay, there is a lot of enthusiasm but not yet ready for the jump ... still 2 years. .and we are there !!!! "
What are the characteristics of Giulia Baldini? "Giulia is a very strong physical attacker: fast, powerful and resistant, he is a 94, he has enormous potential and he has a lot of room for improvement, I hope that CT Corradini will follow suit because this year he has made great strides. . "

Milena Gandolfi: "She's a tough girl who knows what she wants .. She strongly wanted the Imola and together we succeeded, but beyond that in all the things she does self-planning by fixing her the goal she wants to reach and she succeeds !! you can really talk about everything, and 'able to be self-criticizing constructive, sometimes too much .. An athlete who has made him want well as well as his football skills, which he has already talked about his mR, for her natural way of asking, listening and talking about everything .. She has a really fantastic family that follows her, helps her and always stimulates her to do better ... even if she's only two years old with us, I consider her a strong base of the hard core on which our company is based !! It is good for Imola and we want it to her .. "

Conclude with the comment of an 'opponent: "the 10 number of the Imamese was irrepressible, we had to land it several times because it ate us"

And .. appetite .. comes with eating. Come on Giulia, come on like this!

Walter Pettinati

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